Socially speaking: LPGA's best

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Lexi Thompson and Michelle Wie on a camel? Yup, it happened, but it doesn't compare to some of their most memorable social media moments.

With the 2014 season set to tee off on Thursday at the Pure Silk Bahamas LPGA Classic, we thought we would take a look at some of the LPGA'S best and brightest. In 140 characters or less and Earlybird filter usage, that is.

Fair warning: If you're currently in an area covered in snow, you might not want to follow any of the women below this week. The pictures of the gorgeous Bahamian beaches and sunny skies might be too much to bear.

Lexi Thompson | @Lexi | Ranking: 9

It must be hard being an 18-year-old celebrity or, ahem, "sensation," as she refers to herself on Twitter. While this might not be quite the paparazzi reception that Lady Gaga may receive on the streets of New York City, Thompson seems pleasantly surprised to be recognized. For the record, the video made it to TMZ, and it's the least dramatic or controversial piece they've ever run.

Tiffany Joh | @tiffjoh | Ranking: 364

Sure, she may be ranked 364th in the world rankings and isn't exactly a household name -- unless your last name is Joh, that is -- but she is easily the No. 1 obscure athlete on social media in our book. So you've got that going for you, Tiff! We now present to you this example of why, without comment. Mostly because we have no idea what's going on but are really happy to have seen it.

Natalie Gulbis | @natalie_gulbis | Ranking: 110

One of the most famous faces on tour thanks in large part to her endorsements and public appearances, Gulbis' Twitter and Instagram feeds prove she will never turn down a photo opportunity. Whether she's working out or filming a commercial, you can bet there will be a picture ... and her hair will look perfect. Seriously, HOW DOES HER HAIR ALWAYS LOOK PERFECT? We'll just have to keep following to find out. This week, she and her hair headed to the Bahamas with her golf clubs and camera phone in tow.

Inbee Park | @InbeePark | Ranking: 1

Top-ranked golfer Inbee Park may be skipping this week's season opener in the Bahamas, but she's not too busy to spend a little quality time with an adorable koala in Australia. CUTENESS ALERT!

Cindy LaCrosse | @CindyLaCrosse | Ranking: 160

A few crucial facts about the 160th-ranked golfer in the world, Cindy LaCrosse: Her life goal is to meet Beyonce, she's a frequent user of #hungrygirlproblems and she loves the Geico "Hump Day" commercial. So basically she's the best friend you didn't know you had.

Danielle Kang | @daniellekang | Ranking: 102

Like every respectable golfer, Danielle Kang is a dedicated pitch person, fashion forward and ... friends with a member of the Gretzky family.

Belen Mozo | @BelenMozo | Ranking: 172

No one uses PicStich better than Belen Mozo. No one. She is essentially the Annika Sorenstam of app-built collages. Including the little used half-video, half-picture maneuver known as the hole-in-one of the Instagram world. No shame in that game.

Paula Creamer | @ThePCreamer | Ranking: 13

Hopefully Paula Creamer is more successful this weekend in the Bahamas than the San Francisco 49ers were in Seattle. But we appreciate her fandom all the same.

Danah Bordner | @danahbordner | Ranking: 266

While many of the LPGA's socially active members post pictures of cute puppies and kittens, Bordner has a built-in advantage. She's a real-life mother with a real-life baby who is always free to pose in adorable real-life scenarios. Show 'em how it's done, lil Taylor!

Michelle Wie | @themichellewie | Ranking: 61

Not only is the former teen phenom the only LPGA player to be mentioned on "Parks and Recreation," she also might be the most entertaining golfer on social media. Wie's social media feeds, filled with photos of beautiful locations and celebrity encounters, lead to plenty of "YOU'RE THE LUCKIEST PERSON ON THE PLANET!" replies from her followers. This week is no exception as she makes us all jealous of her work week in the Bahamas with countless tweets, pictures and videos.

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