Buzz That Was: A new King?

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Kevin Durant and LeBron James both described Wednesday night's matchup as "fun."

In case you were too busy wondering why Bad Boy Records was reportedly shutting down after Diddy had repeatedly claimed it was “Bad Boy for life” and missed out on sports, we’ve got you covered. Here’s everything you missed last night.

It’s all Thunder

Down 22-4 to open the game against the Miami Heat on Wednesday, it looked as if Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder would have their eight-game winning streak come to a close. And then Durant remembered he was Kevin Durant and he went OFF like Beyonce at an awards show. Scoring 33 points to bring his 30-plus scoring streak to 12 games, the MVP candidate lifted the Thunder to an impressive 112-95 victory over the defending champions.

LeBron James scored 34 points for the Heat, but it simply wasn’t enough to win the game, or the hearts and minds of Twitter users and former NBA players everywhere.

And perhaps just to prove that the Thunder are superior in every possible category, the injured Russell Westbrook was all like “Move over, Chris Bosh!” when he perfectly video-bombed Durant’s postgame interview with Doris Burke.


While the Thunder and Heat battled for league supremacy, the Philadelphia 76ers and the Boston Celtics were just fighting to stay out of last place in the Eastern Conference’s Atlantic Division. Down one point in the final seconds, Evan Turner channeled his inner Durant and drove into the lane and nailed the shot as time expired to give the Sixers 95-94 win.

The Celtics’ front office, meanwhile, undoubtedly cheered as their chances for landing one of the NBA draft’s marquee players continued to rise. Everyone’s a winner!

Instant classic

In “Don’t send this video to your mom unless you’re prepared to do something incredibly nice for her” news, a Seattle Seahawks fan gave his mother the present of a lifetime this week. Mike Harris, the Durant-like favorite for “Son of the Year” honors, surprised her with Super Bowl tickets and recorded her reaction. She responds exactly the way most moms would -- asking about the price through her tears of delight.

Interesting ink

In August, prior to the start of the NFL season, Seahawks fan Tim Connors got a tattoo proclaiming the team Super Bowl XLVIII champions. Like, a permanent tattoo that will remain on his skin forever even if, you know, the Seahawks don’t actually win on Sunday. Like just about everyone who has heard of this story, Jimmy Kimmel had some questions for Connors. The fan appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” via Skype to explain the ink. In perhaps the most shocking news of all, it turns out he has another new tattoo that might be even more fascinating. I’m just going to tell you: It involves national treasure Betty White and the “Golden Girls.”

Pony up

If you like puppies and ponies and beer, Budweiser’s leaked Super Bowl commercial will instantly make you squeal with delight and reach for a cold one. Ehh, maybe just squeal with delight and send this video to a friend.

Side note: If you don’t like puppies and ponies and beer, it might be time to find a soul, you creep.

Lead and learn

Before he retires as NBA commissioner on Saturday after 30 years on the job, David Stern headed to the “Late Show with David Letterman” to read the Top Ten list.

You really are an inspiration to short, un-athletic kids everywhere, Commish.

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