Buzz That Was: Grand Marshals

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Patti Hammond, left, also known as "Mama Blue," dances in the stands at the Seahawks' celebration on Thursday.

In case you were too busy getting snowed in for the 405th time this winter and missed out on sports, we've got you covered. Here's everything you missed you missed last night.

Stealing the show

An estimated 700,000 12th men flocked the streets of Seattle on Wednesday to celebrate the Super Bowl-winning Seahawks. Considering the city's population is approximately 634,000 people, I guess you could say they had an OK turnout. And the revelers didn't go home disappointed; this parade had everything. Marshawn Lynch throwing Skittles on fans while sitting alone on the front of a duck boat? Check.

Marshawn Lynch spraying champagne on Russell Wilson? Yup.

Marshawn Lynch all but demanding a fan hand over a bottle of Fireball whiskey? You know it.

I think the rest of the Seahawks were there, but clearly Lynch was the only one truly about that action on Wednesday.

Lakers rule!

The Los Angeles Lakers -- a professional basketball team last time I checked -- ran out of players on Wednesday night, middle-school-team style. Mike D'Antoni's depleted squad began the game against the Cleveland Cavaliers with eight players but found themselves down to five after Chris Kaman fouled out and injuries sidelined Nick Young and Jordan Farmar. The Lakers' bench looked emptier than a Kanye West concert in Kansas City.

With 3:32 to play, Robert Sacre committed his sixth foul, but thanks to a rarely used rule (due to most teams having, you know, more than five players) he was assessed a technical foul but allowed to stay in, and any subsequent foul against him would result in another technical.

However, despite the personnel shortage, the Lakers somehow managed to beat the full-roster Cavaliers, 119-108. Yes, the Cavs really are that bad.

Here's to you, Jamaican bobsled team

After a successful crowdsourcing campaign provided adequate funds, the Jamaican bobsled team finally made it to Sochi on Tuesday. That's the good news. The not-so-good news? Their equipment somehow got lost during their flight and didn't arrive in Russia with them. While many of their competitors used Wednesday to practice on the track, the Jamaicans were forced to consider borrowing gear from the Canadian team. However, after every single person on Twitter made the astute comparison to "Cool Runnings," the team announced its equipment finally arrived just before midnight on Wednesday night.

They were able to practice on Thursday morning and will now look to steal the hearts and hopes of fans the world over. They already have mine -- I have spent the past 20 years hoping for a "Cool Runnings" sequel.

Only in Sochi

There's a giant nesting doll in the middle of the Sochi slopestyle course because ... Russia.

Who invited you?

Conan O'Brien proclaimed his lack of interest in trying the sport. And American Olympian Erin Hamlin was all like, "Whatever, big-name talk-show host, you wimp." Or something like that.

Dropping by to see Dad

Prior to tipoff of Wednesday night's Charlotte Bobcats-Golden State Warriors game, Stephen Curry decided to videobomb the visiting team's broadcasting crew. It would be super creepy if said broadcasting crew didn't include his father, Dell Curry, who seemed to take the whole thing in stride.

Gosh, I can only imagine how wild and zany the holidays must be at the Curry household with antics like this.

Odd couple

New BFF alert! Pacman Jones and Rod Stewart were spotted hanging out by a hotel pool on Wednesday. Just like you were expecting.

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