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From broken trophies to broken record, the NBA All-Star Game made for an action-packed weekend in New Orleans.

In case you were too busy celebrating the return of Pharrell Williams' hat and missed out on sports, we've got you covered. Here's everything you missed this weekend.

To the winner goes the spoils

The Eastern Conference beat the Western Conference 163-155 Sunday night in an NBA All-Star Game that basically just became the real dunk contest. Kyrie Irving was named MVP after finishing with 31 points and 14 assists in the win, thus marking the Cleveland Cavaliers' best moment of the season.

Despite playing for the losing team, Blake Griffin was the biggest star of the night behind his 19-for-23 shooting for 38 points and his monster dunks. Please try to prevent your jaw from damaging the floor when it falls open after you watch this.

But don't worry, Griffin didn't take the MVP snub personally or anything.

Presidential sit-down

President Barack Obama was graced by the presence of Sir Charles Barkley for an interview that aired during TNT's broadcast of the All-Star Game. And with that, you can now cross "seeing Charles Barkley nervous" off of your bucket list.

Let's hear it for the 3

In a title previously held by absolutely no one ever, Nelly became the biggest fan of the 3-point shooting contest in recorded history on Saturday. Turns out the rapper used to babysit for contestant Bradley Beal. No big deal or anything.

This, of course, led to 45 awkward seconds of Steve Kerr reciting Nelly lyrics. "Wow guys, is it getting HOT IN HERRR?" Moving on.

A broken play

Andre Drummond was named the MVP of Friday night's Rising Stars Challenge. But even he wasn't quick or agile enough to catch the trophy that was promptly dropped by the presenter.

I find it really hard to believe the NBA can't afford a trophy that, you know, doesn't completely fall apart right away.

Message received

On Friday, the American trio that swept the slopestyle skiing event went on the "Today" show looking for celebrity Valentines. And for silver medalist -- and acclaimed puppy saver -- Gus Kenworthy, it looks as if his plea to Miley Cyrus might have actually worked. Or at least got her attention.

Too cool

The Jamaican bobsled team may not be leaving Sochi with any medals, but it continues to win the gold in our hearts and dreams. If you're looking for yet another reason to love this team, look no further than this 1980s-inspired video from the Jamaican tourism department that syncs perfectly with the Olympic course. IT'S BOBSLED TIME!

Tackling the halftime show

The Iowa football team decided to put its offseason downtime to good use by performing with the school's dance team at halftime of a recent women's basketball game. While I don't think they'll be winning "So You Think You Can Dance" anytime soon, let's all give them a standing slow clap for the "Worm" chain.

Best golf clap ever

CUTENESS ALERT! I know the Internet doesn't deem real-live human babies anywhere near as adorable as puppies, but Bubba Watson's son celebrating his father's win at the Northern Trust Open on Sunday might be worth six seconds of your time.

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