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Students celebrated after North Carolina upset Duke on Thursday night. And several people found a problem with that.

In case you were too busy crying into your gallon of ice cream after the USA women's hockey team's devastating loss and missed out on everything else in the sports world, we've got you covered. Here's everything you missed last night.

Storm central

Hours after the USA-Canada women's hockey game concluded, another of sports' most-heated rivalries got underway on Tobacco Road when unranked North Carolina hosted No. 5 Duke in men's basketball.

The game, also known as the two-hour window when everyone who isn't a Duke fan becomes a die-hard UNC supporter, was originally scheduled for last week but was postponed due to a winter storm. The Tar Heels trailed by seven at halftime but responded in a big way in the second half for a 74-66 victory. Naturally, the North Carolina fans were all like "It's time to raise up" as they took their shirts off and twisted them around their heads like a helicopter. Or just stormed the court.


In the least surprising news of the day, the college basketball fan etiquette police were less than thrilled by the students' decision to not act like they had been there before.

Calm down, guys. If you don't realize college is supposed to be fun, then you must have done it all wrong. Can you imagine the reaction if the UNC fans weren't enthusiastic about the win? I would say something directly to the Carolina students here, but I guarantee most of them are still sleeping off last night's celebration.

You dog!

On Thursday, luger Kate Hansen continued to boost her Internet-sensation resume when she posted a video of a wolf roaming the hallway outside of her Olympic Village dorm room with a #SochiProblems caption. Predictably, the scene caused a media frenzy because, you know, THERE WAS A WOLF IN HER HALLWAY. But alas, like many great things in viral history, it turns out it was just a hoax. Jimmy Kimmel admitted his role in the prank on his show last night.

You win this round, Kimmel.

From 'Bron to Bane

Clearly not content with all the hype Kevin Durant has been getting, LeBron James entered Thursday's Miami Heat-Oklahoma City Thunder game with something to prove. And he was so successful in his mission, the only thing that could stop him was getting hit in the face. After dropping 33 points to lead the Heat to a big fourth-quarter lead, he was struck in the nose by Serge Ibaka while driving the lane. Impressively, he dunked the ball but then fell to the ground as blood fell from his face. He was taken off the court moments later and did not return.

Miami won 103-81, and LeBron did not speak to the media after the game, opting to awkwardly sit in the locker room with a towel over his head. LeBron took to Instagram to make fun of the injury late last night.

Now let's just hope he doesn't start speaking like Bane in all his upcoming interviews. Don't kill the joke, 'Bron.

Miss Fancy Pants

Lolo Jones may have failed to medal in her Olympic bobsled debut, but she might be the ultimate winner in Sochi for scoring a pair of pants from the Norwegian curling team.

Jones obviously felt the need to defend -- or uncomfortably joke -- about how she acquired the coveted fashion garment. But honestly, through my extreme jealousy, that hadn't even crossed my mind. Wear those bad boys with pride, Lolo.

Tainted gold

In "Good luck trying to not take this personally, Adelina Sotnikova" news, a petition protesting the results of the women's figure skating was created on moments after the medal ceremony. Fans and couch judges were shocked and baffled that Sotnikova of Russia topped Kim Yu-na of South Korea. At the time of this writing, there are more than 1.6 million signatures of people desperately searching to make sense of what is apparently perceived as the worst display of injustice since Macklemore beat out Kendrick Lamar at the Grammy Awards.

And just in case Sotnikova isn't feeling lousy enough yet, the petition is reportedly the fastest-growing campaign in the history of the site.

High stakes

Before the men's semifinal hockey game between the USA and Canada got underway on Friday, battle lines between the media of the two countries were drawn. Literally. An actual divider was put on the floor of the Sochi broadcast center.

But with stakes like some are proposing, can you really blame them for taking this so seriously?

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