Buzz That Was: Ohhhhh, Baby

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Gracie Gold is all dressed up and now -- thanks to a high school kid in Malibu -- has someplace to go.

In case you were too busy trying to figure out how Rita Ora's new haircut would look on you and missed out on sports, we've got you covered. Here's everything you missed last night.

May I have this dance?

It's that time of year again! Not for the brand-new season of "The Real Housewives," but that oh-so-precious time when adorable and audacious high schoolers create made-for-YouTube clips in which they ask their celebrity crush to go to prom with them. Coming to us from the shores of Malibu (life isn't already perfect enough for ya, bro?), this teen would just LOVE it if Olympic figure skater Gracie Gold would accompany him to the annual soiree.

Gold says the video "melts" her heart but cleverly avoids actually answering if she will go with him. Spoiler alert: She has to, um, sharpen the blades on her skates that night or something and can't make it. Ugh, being a kid in Malibu is like SO tough these days.

But before you abandon all hope of seeing a figure skater wear basically a longer version of a figure skating costume to prom this year, Ashley Wagner has yet to respond to this invitation from a Texas high school student.

It's not pretty

After blowing an eight-point lead in the final 90 seconds against the New York Knicks, it looked as if the Dallas Mavericks would be heading to overtime on Monday night at Madison Square Garden. And then Dirk Nowitzki hit what he described as "probably the ugliest game-winner I ever shot" for the 110-108 win.

One Knicks fan, featured below in the gray sweatshirt, perfectly sums up the swing of emotions as the ball rolled out ... and in.

But cheer up, Knicks fans. Carmelo Anthony had 44 points in a totally meaningless effort. So there's that!

Goodbye, for now

Prior to the game against the Mavericks on Monday, Metta World Peace was released by the Knicks, likely so he could focus more on his "Key & Peele" duties. He shared a highlight reel of his short stint with the team, thanking the New York fans and presumably sending a reminder to other NBA teams that he still exists and can do somewhat productive things on a basketball court.

If Dennis Rodman has proven anything, it's that there's always a place in our hearts for eccentric basketball players. Safe to say, we have not seen the last of Metta World Peace.

A money-saving tip

Daytona 500 winner Dale Earnhardt Jr. put sleeping further on hold to continue his multi-state victory lap with an appearance on "Late Show with David Letterman" on Monday. For anyone looking to save a few bucks on gas, Dale Jr. might just have the tip you didn't know you were looking for.

Where was that advice during my teenage years of paying for gas with stacks of quarters? Thanks for nothing.

And if you just can't get enough NASCAR and late-night television, Jimmy Fallon unleashed his latest round of class superlatives to some lucky drivers.

Finally, someone brave enough to call Kyle Busch the grown-up version of Stewie Griffin. IT'S ABOUT TIME, AMERICA.

Pop to it!

As everyone on the planet but Utah Jazz rookie Rudy Gobert knows, donuts are serious business. If you say you're going to bring some to a meeting and then don't, you've pretty much committed the ultimate workplace crime. Gobert discovered this the hard way on Monday.

Let this be a lesson to us all. Don't mess with donuts.

Spoiling the party

If you thought Pierre the Pelican (pre-nose job, of course) was frightening, you might want to turn away or just run and hide in your basement for this one. Ahead of next week's Mardi Gras festivities, the New Orleans Pelicans brought out their holiday-themed mascot, the King Cake Baby.

Warning: What you are about to see is likely to haunt your dreams and your soul for all eternity. Proceed at your own risk.

HOW DOES THIS EXCITE ANYONE FOR MARDI GRAS? If there's a .0000001% chance I'll run into this thing on Bourbon Street, you can safely count me out.

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