Buzz That Was: Awe and awful

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LeBron James enhanced his case for MVP Monday night with a career-high 61 points.

In case you were too busy watching Rob Ford embarrass himself on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" and missed out on sports, we've got you covered. Here's everything you missed last night.

A cut above

For those who were unaware, LeBron James is pretty decent at this whole basketball thing. As a reminder, he scored a career-high 61 points in the Miami Heat's 124-107 victory over the Charlotte Bobcats. Perhaps inspired by Sunday's Academy Awards, LeBron's highlight reel appears like a "For Your Consideration" video for his MVP candidacy. You might want to skip watching this if your name is Kevin Durant.

The high-scoring outbreak prompted many basketball fans to publicly ponder if LeBron is in fact a superhero. While I have no proof to support or deny the claim, Twitter's version of superheroes sprung into action with all the memes and GIFs your heart could desire.

Not to pull a Kanye West here or anything, but Wilt Chamberlain had 32 60-plus-point games in his career. That's the same number that EVERYONE ELSE in league history combined has managed. You were saying, LeBron?

Upsetting the children

On Monday, Andre Drummond scored 17 points and had a career-high 26 rebounds to lead the Detroit Pistons over the New York Knicks, 96-85. It was the seventh straight loss for the Knicks, who fell to 21-40 on the year. One young New York fan perhaps summed up the season most accurately in a made-for-Vine moment.

Jason Collins right at home

With time winding down in the Brooklyn Nets' 96-80 win over the Chicago Bulls, the Barclays Center crowd began chanting for Jason Collins. With 2:41 left to play, Collins made his home debut with the Nets and was given a standing ovation.

Collins, whose contract expires today, is expected to be signed to another 10-day contract on Wednesday. At the conclusion of the second contract, he will likely sign with the team for the remainder of the season.

Behind the times

Arizona football coach Rich Rodriguez has been vocal about his dislike of the proposed 10-second snap rule. So naturally he and the Arizona athletic department did what did any sensible people would have done in 1994 and made a "Speed" parody to emphasize the point.

Just in case you weren't completely sold on just how dated that reference is, no one in Rodriguez's incoming freshman class was even born when "Speed" was released.

Dancing at my desk!

The cast for the new season of "Dancing with the Stars" was announced Tuesday on "Good Morning America." Sprinkled in the list between your favorite '90s stars (Winnie Cooper! D.J. Tanner!) and wannabe teen idols (I'm looking at you, Cody Simpson) are Olympic ice dancing gold medalists Meryl Davis and Charlie White, record-breaking distance swimmer Diana Nyad, U.S. Paralympic snowboarder Amy Purdy and controversial former hockey player Sean Avery. The show will mark the first time in 17 years that Davis and White will be competing against each other. That won't be awkward or anything.

I'll be impatiently awaiting the trash talking from these two. The new season begins March 17 on ABC.

I'm outta here

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Ted Striker reprised their iconic roles from "Airplane" in an advertisement for the Wisconsin department of tourism. Because nothing is more convincing than hearing "Come to our state!" from a guy who once demanded to be traded AWAY from it.

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