Buzz That Was: You've Got Mail

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Blake Griffin's Monday night included 37 points, six fouls, one tribute dunk and one round of wrestling.

In case you were too busy practicing your Justin Bieber deposition video smirks and missed out on sports, we've got you covered. Here's everything you missed last night.

Vintage Blake Griffin

Blake Griffin is coming into the NBA MVP conversation like a dark horse. So hopefully LeBron James and Kevin Durant are ready for, um, ready for a perfect storm. Griffin continued his surge on Monday, scoring 22 points in the first quarter and 37 on the night to lift the Los Angeles Clippers over the Phoenix Suns 112-105. Of course, no Blake Griffin night would be complete without a monster dunk, and he did not disappoint when he paid homage to Karl Malone with this first-quarter slam.

But not everybody was thrilled by Griffin's performance. With 5:28 to play, Griffin and P.J. Tucker got tangled up under the basket and a clearly frustrated Tucker threw a punch. I guess that's one way to try and stop Griffin.

Tucker was ejected. Griffin remained in the game but fouled out two minutes later. There's a Katy Perry lyric in here somewhere, but I'm just going to spare you. Apologies If I've already caused you to get "Dark Horse" stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

Mailman not dialed in

Karl Malone has yet to comment on Griffin's tribute dunk, likely because he hasn't had a chance to load up his dial-up internet to check his AOL email on his Gateway computer. During Monday's Atlanta Hawks-Utah Jazz game, "The Mailman" showed off a technological relic called a "flip phone" during an in-game interview.

If you think his phone looks familiar, it's probably because you saw it featured at the Smithsonian or you saw my dad somewhere.

Quiet ceremony

Retired gymnast and 2008 Olympic silver medalist Alicia Sacramone and NFL quarterback Brady Quinn tied the knot over the weekend in Florida. And while that's adorable and all, I'm particularly baffled by this event as just ONE friend posted a picture on social media of the event. WHAT YEAR IS THIS? WHAT KIND OF FRIENDS DON'T TWEET INCESSANTLY ABOUT THEIR C-LIST FRIENDS GETTING MARRIED? I'm disappointed in you, Internet. If Sacramone hadn't immediately changed her Twitter name to "Alicia Quinn," I would be skeptical this even happened.

But, um, congrats guys ... for the marriage and for having such strangely private friends.

Late to the game

In "things that might have been interesting a year ago" news, the Colorado Avalanche inexplicably released a music video for a song that you've been sick of for the past eight months. In the just-released clip, players awkwardly lip-synch their way through Imagine Dragons' "Radioactive."

Feel free to now file this in the "let's forget this ever happened" portion of your brain.

Doing 'The Dougie'

And if you just can't get enough of sports figures with outdated musical tastes, Maryland football coach Randy Edsall has apparently spent the last five years learning how to do "The Dougie." He demonstrated that hard work pays off during a school event over the weekend. Welcome to 2009, Coach.

Par for the course

As rumors swirl regarding legendary coach Phil Jackson's possible move to the New York Knicks' front office, information-starved reporters are turning to every potential source for news and opinion. J.R. Smith was asked about his take, and he gave the most J.R. Smith answer ever.

Sounds about right.

Tough shell

In exciting news for the inner-first grader in you, the Fresno Grizzlies will be wearing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle uniforms this season. The San Francisco Giants Triple-A affiliate showed off its new limited gear on Monday and instantly put all other minor league promotional uniforms to shame.

But with great power comes great responsibility, and now the team's equipment managers will face the daunting task of determining which players will don the uniforms representing each turtle. I would not want to be the person handing out Raphael jerseys. Godspeed, guys.

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