Buzz That Was: True bracket buster

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Sure, they were able to dash the hopes of Texas Southern on Wednesday night, but do these guys really look like they could break the hearts of a couple dozen singing schoolchildren?

In case you were too busy trying to figure out if "March Madness Fever" was a legitimate excuse to get out of work for the next three weeks and missed out on sports, we've got you covered. Here's everything you missed last night.

Sweet 16!

Entering the Big West Tournament, Cal Poly had a dismal 10 wins on the season and looked as if the only place it would be headed this week was spring break. But flash forward to the present and the 16th-seeded Mustangs are not only conference champs but also winners in the NCAA tournament.

The Mustangs (14-19) beat Texas Southern 81-69 on Wednesday night in Dayton. They are just the second team (joining the 1955 Bradley squad ) with 19 losses to win a tournament game. Started from the bottom, now they're here! Amirite, Drake?

Cal Poly will face No. 1 seed Wichita State on Friday. But before you start rethinking your bracket, please watch this play from last night's game.

If that doesn't say "play-in game," I'm not sure what does. So, you might be better off sticking with the Shockers and saving your bold upset prediction for another matchup.

Shocker spirit

And if the undefeated Shockers weren't daunting enough for the Mustangs, breaking the hearts of adorable, singing children might be. A fifth-grade class at College Hill Elementary School in Wichita got in on the Madness with this soon-to-be-viral hit.

Serious business

Houston Texans running back Arian Foster has been outspoken about the corruption of the NCAA and his support for paying college athletes. So his answer to a Twitter follower's question on which team will win the NCAA tournament should really come as no surprise.

Note to self: Don't invite Foster to Final Four party.

More than word

Jalen Rose and Bill Simmons joined Mike Tirico in the broadcast booth for Wednesday's San Antonio Spurs-Los Angeles Lakers game. Somehow, Rose drew the short straw and was given the unenviable task of interviewing the NBA's resident cranky uncle, Gregg Popovich. Not only does he survive the experience, but he does the unthinkable and has an ACTUAL CONVERSATION with the notoriously terse coach.

If you're anything like me, you just watched that multiple times to make sure you didn't hallucinate that it happened. And, yes, those smiles you saw and laughter you heard were real. It's a March Madness Miracle! Simmons and Tirico's cheerful reaction perfectly sums up my feelings on the topic.

A slippery slope

A Toronto Maple Leafs fan spiced up Wednesday's game against the Tampa Bay Lightning when he jumped on the ice during a timeout. The unidentified man runs, slides and falls -- much to the delight of the crowd -- before getting escorted off.

Keep these antics up, dude, and you might be the next mayor of Toronto!

Front and center

Ahead of the Madness, Sports Illustrated released six regional covers with players and teams to watch in the NCAA tournament. Breanna Stewart of the UConn Huskies was the lone women's representative to make the cut. Stewart, the legendary Rebecca Lobo and a legion of fans got their Kate Moss on while posing for the front of the mag.

I'm sure Notre Dame fans just LOVE looking at this one.

No stopping them now

Not only did the New York Knicks get their seventh straight win on Wednesday with a victory over the Indiana Pacers, but new team president Phil Jackson was introduced to the crowd. I guess they were sort of happy to see the guy.

Of course, this winning streak and change of leadership obviously means the Knicks will win the NBA title and be the best team ever, right? No? Sorry, I obviously follow too many Knicks fans on Twitter.

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