Buzz That Was: Taking the fifths

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We maybe expected Rob Loe -- not Lowe -- to stick around this late at the dance. But Vee Sanford? And Taylor Braun?

In case you were too busy lamenting your billion-dollar loss by early afternoon and missed out on sports, we've got you covered. Here's everything you missed last night.

Take a Flyer?

With 15.5 seconds remaining in Ohio State's showdown with Dayton, Aaron Craft hit a reverse layup to give the Buckeyes the lead and restore the hierarchy of college athletics in the state of Ohio. Temporarily, that is. Vee Sanford managed to put in a driving bank shot on the other end of the floor with just 3.8 seconds to play to lift the 11th-seeded Flyers to a 60-59 upset over the No. 6 Buckeyes.

While the Dayton players were understandably thrilled, the OSU loss marked the end of what felt like a 10-year career for Craft. His missed shot and fall to the floor as time expired -- not to mention his look of disbelief -- will live on in Internet glory for some time.

Seeing as its 2014 and all, the move has even sparked the latest viral trend. Move over whaling, it's Crafting's time to shine!

And in the ultimate trolling move, the Dayton Daily News used the headline "THE University of Dayton" on the front page of its Friday edition. Well played, guys. Well played.


Let me guess: You picked No. 12 Harvard to beat No. 5 Cincinnati. Apparently everyone did, according to everyone. The Crimson dominated from the start, taking a seven-point lead into the halftime break, and managed to stave off a late Bearcats rally for a 61-57 victory. Harvard advanced to the Round of 32 for the second straight year. Thank goodness those poor Ivy League students finally have some good luck and something to cheer about!

Harvard will next face Michigan State on Saturday. In "here's something you never thought you would see" news, the matchup prompted this tweet from Spartans alum and basketball legend Magic Johnson.

If someone had told me 10 years ago that in 2014 Harvard would be a force to be reckoned with in the NCAA tournament and Indiana wouldn't even make the NIT, I probably would be hiding in my basement with canned food and a generator at this point.

All Bison

With further proof that the 12 seed is the new 5, North Dakota State stunned Oklahoma in overtime to win its first NCAA tournament game. With 11 seconds remaining in regulation, Lawrence Alexander nailed the biggest shot of his career with a game-tying 3 to force extra time.

It was all Bison in overtime and they topped the Sooners 80-75. The tens and tens of people in North Dakota were ecstatic. Meanwhile, the rest of the country began to openly wonder if we had found the potential 2014 version of Florida Gulf Coast. NDSU graciously accepted the role.

Can you get any cuter?

Four-year old Philip Martelli became the breakout star of the Atlantic 10 tournament last week with his behind-the-bench impressions of his grandfather, St. Joseph's coach Phil Martelli. Naturally, the broadcast crew had to capitalize on all the cuteness during the Thursday game against UConn.

The precious tot earned "awwwwwwws" from just about everyone with his interview skills. Except for the UConn players, who couldn't let his adorableness allow them to lose focus. The Huskies managed to edge out the Hawks, 89-81, in an overtime thriller that may have taken five years off their projected lifespans of UConn fans everywhere. Or just me. Mercifully, the broadcast did not show a brokenhearted Philip, or Ian, after the game.

Looking for the W?

No. 5 seed Saint Louis rallied from a 14-point deficit to force overtime and beat No. 12 North Carolina State 83-80. The Billikens were led by senior Rob Loe, who not only scored 22 points and grabbed 15 rebounds but also basically shares a name with an '80s heartthrob. This fact did not go unnoticed by actor Rob Lowe.

Down and out

In what felt like the 345th wild finish of the day, Cameron Ridley hit a buzzer-beating layup to give No. 7 Texas an 87-85 win over No. 10 Arizona State.

While Texas fans everywhere pretend that whole football season didn't happen -- you know, because they've of course been die-hard basketball fans all along -- the agony on the Arizona State bench perhaps best summed up the feelings of all eliminated teams and their fans on Thursday. It's the downside of March Madness in one incredibly depressing photo.

One and done?

After just one day of play, a mere 0.17% of the brackets remain perfect in ESPN's Tournament Challenge. Chances are most of you have already ripped up your bracket and given yourself the "There's always next year!" pep talk. But you are not alone. NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson not only feels your pain but is probably doing much, much worse. His bracket ranked in the 20th percentile.

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