Socially speaking: LPGA's best

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Don Cheadle has been a Lydia Ko fan since the two teamed up in a Pro-Am in 2012, even if none of her friends believe it actually happened.

With the 2014 season in full swing, we decided to take a look at some of the LPGA's best and brightest. In 140 characters or fewer and Earlybird filter usage, that is. Here are our favorite social media moments from March as the women returned stateside after the Australian-Asian leg of the tour.

Lydia Ko | @Lko424 | Ranking: 4

Some people have all the luck. Not only is Lydia Ko a teenage golf phenom who has made more than $200K in career earnings before her 17th birthday, but she's also racking up the celebrity fans at a Taylor Swift-level pace. "House of Lies" star Don Cheadle is just the latest to publicly declare his fandom. Somehow, her totally fangirl response makes her even more likable.

Megan Grehan | @MeganGrehan | Ranking: 795

LPGA Tour rookie Megan Grehan might not have made the cut in her debut event at the JTBC Founders Cup, but she did manage to score a pretty decent consolation prize. As part of a rookie challenge, Grehan dominated her peers as she courageously took selfies with all the LPGA legends she could find, including this one with tournament winner and tour icon Karrie Webb. Her valiant efforts were ultimately rewarded with a Visa gift card. Not too shabby of a debut weekend, Megan. Not too shabby at all.

Christina Kim | @TheChristinaKim | Ranking: 170

Sure, she's 11 years removed from making her rookie debut, but that little detail didn't stop Christina Kim from participating in the ultimate #LPGARookieSelfies shot with Megan Grehan.

Warning: We cannot ensure Kim won't steal your soul -- or your brownie -- if you look at this photo.

Paula Creamer | @ThePCreamer | Ranking: 8

Paula Creamer is one of the most successful women's golfers currently on tour. By most accounts, she's considered a lock for the next American Solheim Cup team. So it only seemed logical that she would try to follow newly named team captain Juli Inskter on Twitter. And then things get awkward.

Jaye Marie Green | @JayeMGreen | Ranking: 284

It's not easy being green. It is however pretty easy to be Green, especially if you like wearing the color of similar name and making cheesy puns. Safe to say, Jaye Marie Green fits this bill. Judge if you must, but you definitely won't be forgetting her name if you run into her on the golf course.

Jane Park | @TheJanePark | Ranking: 88

If this tweet doesn't make you say "American hero," nothing will. Hopefully for Park, the fine people at Oreo think so, too, and immediately offered her an endorsement deal upon seeing this.

Paige Mackenzie | @Paige_Mackenzie | Ranking: 243

Paige Mackenzie might be sidelined from competition with a back injury, but that thankfully hasn't stopped her from tweeting about life on tour. During her spectator experience at the Founders Cup, Mackenzie made an astute observation in the fan guide about her friend Alison Walshe.

Michelle Wie | @themichellewie | Ranking: 41

Between competing in tournaments all over the world and her countless sponsorship agreements, Michelle Wie doesn't have much time to rest. As perfectly evidenced during her recent naptime at the airport. COULD SOMEONE GET THIS GIRL A PILLOW, PLEASE?

Anna Nordqvist | @ANordqvist | Ranking: 16

Seriously, how sleep deprived are LPGA players? It appears these women are so permanently exhausted, they'll sleep anywhere. Although, in Anna Nordqvist's defense, these air mattresses look far more comfortable than an airport bench.

Cindy LaCrosse | @CindyLaCrosse | Ranking: 177

Most golfers probably spend their off weeks looking to improve their swing or focusing on how to make the cut at their next tournament, but not our girl Cindy LaCrosse. Oh no. She set her eyes this week on a far more impressive goal that is sure to make you both hungry and envious. Golfers really are just like us!

Godspeed, Cindy. We wish you the best in your honorable quest.

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