Bracket of Discontent: Second round!

After a long weekend of voting, the first round is in the books for The Bracket of Our Discontent. It went mostly chalk, with a few top seeds getting ousted, Duke-style, much earlier than expected.

The second round starts now, and voting only goes until 11 p.m. ET tonight, so get to it! There are some heated matchups, like "The middle seat on a plane" versus "Duck-face selfies" and "People who litter" versus "Slow walkers." Make sure the most truly awful and super-brutal things advance to the Elite Eight.

Polls are open -- vote to your heart's discontent!

Truly Awful Regional

In the first round, No. 3 "Unnecessary apostrophe's" suffered a crushing loss against No. 14 "People who wear sunglasses inside." Voters in Washington, Oregon and much of the West agreed that a basic grasp of the English language is more truly awful than shades indoors, but voters across the Midwest and East Coast ensured a victory for sunglasses.

The only other Truly Awful upset was No. 10 "The middle seat on a plane" defeating No. 7 "'He went To Jared' ads." A smattering of states, such as New Mexico, Colorado and Indiana, voted to advance the annoying ads with awful dialogue and terrible actors, but it was the middle seat that ran away with the votes, earning an impressive 62 percent.

Vote now in our latest matchups:

Twitter trolls vs. Internet hoaxes

Inappropriate commentators who hide behind a computer screen, or falling for those spam emails?

Which is more truly awful: Twitter trolls or Internet hoaxes?

DiscussView MapTotal votes: 16358

People who are 'literally dying' right now vs. Losing your cellphone

Those who just can't put it in the proper perspective, or fretting over your lost contacts?

Which is more truly awful: People who are 'literally' 'dying' right now or losing your cell phone?

DiscussView MapTotal votes: 16818

Sagging pants vs. People who wear sunglasses inside

Oh, those crazy kids who need a session on "Fashion Police," or those who wear sunglasses where they just don't need them?

Which is more truly awful: Sagging pants or people who wear sunglasses inside?

DiscussView MapTotal votes: 17292

Middle seat on a plane vs. Duck-face selfies

Squeezing into economy class, or please, make the photo madness end?

Which is more truly awful: Middle seat on a plane or duck-face selfies?

DiscussView MapTotal votes: 17397

Super-Brutal Regional

In the opening round, No. 2 seed "The word 'moist' " delivered a Kansas-esque choke job, getting rolled by the 15th-seeded "SMH, LOL & FOMO." The defeat was made worse when voters flooded my Twitter feed with terrifying real-life examples of "moist," such as a company named "Moist Realty," box covers of multiple moist cake mixes, and a Canadian rock group named Moist.

No. 8 seed "People who say 'supposeably'" also got upended, falling to No. 9 seed "Line-cutters" by a healthy margin. A strong contingent from Connecticut (most likely Bristol-based copy editors) tried to advance "supposeably," but they weren't able to fight the masses who despise line-cutters.

Which super brutal items will advance to the Elite Eight? Vote now:

Justin Bieber vs. Line-cutters

The Biebs and his pet monkey, or just flat-out rudeness?

Which is more super brutal: People who litter or slow walkers?

DiscussView MapTotal votes: 17070

People who litter vs. Slow walkers

More flat-out rudeness, or those who have self-awareness of the space around them?

Which is more super brutal: Flight delays or bad public transportation etiquette?

DiscussView MapTotal votes: 16463

Flight delays vs. Bad public transportation etiquette

Things that make you go, 'ARRRRRGHHHHH,' or too many people pushing and shoving?

Which is more super brutal: Facebook oversharers or SMH/LOL/FOMO?

DiscussView MapTotal votes: 16465

Facebook oversharers vs. SMH/LOL/FOMO?

Those who share WAY too much on our feeds, or those who use too many Interweb acronyms?

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