Buzz That Was: Mixed emotions

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One team is soaring and the other appears to be collapsing. Care to guess which team is which?

In case you were too busy plotting your workplace April Fools' Day pranks and missed out on sports, we've got you covered. Here's everything you missed last night.

Spurs? Yawn.

The San Antonio Spurs topped the Indiana Pacers 103-77 to win a franchise-record 18th straight game on Monday and complete a perfect record in March. Of course, the Spurs reacted exactly as you would expect the Spurs to react -- with little emotion and total focus. So you know, yawn.

The 26-point loss marked the Pacers' worst home defeat of the season and dropped them behind the Miami Heat for the top spot in the Eastern Conference standings. It was the team's fifth loss in six games, and third in a row. Clearly frustrated by the rut, George Hill and Lance Stephenson reportedly had to be separated on the bench after a verbal confrontation. Of course, the Internet had one or two thoughts on the Pacers' collapse.

Sometimes, when the going gets tough, all you need is a hug. And Stephenson found one when he dove into Spurs coach Gregg Popovich in an attempt to save the ball. Most awkward embrace of all time? Guessing this moment really didn't make Stephenson feel better after all.

Don't take it too personally, Lance. I have a feeling all of Popovich's hugs look EXACTLY like that.

Passion play

Undefeated Notre Dame beat Baylor 88-69 to advance to its fourth straight Final Four and continue its pursuit of perfection. But the night wasn't all rainbows and leprechauns for the Irish. Late in the second half, senior Natalie Achonwa -- who already had 19 points and 15 boards -- went down with a knee injury. She had to leave the game, but Achonwa made her presence known with a legendary (and completely not suitable for work) speech to her teammates as she left the court.

Achonwa will have an MRI Tuesday and is hoping to play in Notre Dame's national semifinal on Sunday in Nashville. And if the team wasn't pumped up enough by Achonwa's passion, former Notre Dame star Skylar Diggins fully embraced her new role as cheerleader from the stands to help encourage her old team.

Taste of Texas

While in Dallas this week ahead of the men's Final Four, Conan O'Brien was given the Texas citizenship test from "true Texan" Dirk Nowitzki. And if you think Tony Romo is the leading cause of heart attacks statewide or that beef is the state bird, you, too, might consider acquiring citizenship from the Lone Star state.

If you're still not feeling Texan enough, perhaps this TEXAS-SHAPED CHICKEN AND WAFFLE SANDWICH that will be served at the Final Four will do the trick.

Feeling left out

Over the weekend, Hasheem Thabeet posted a selfie with his Oklahoma City Thunder teammates. Well, almost all of his teammates. As noted by just about everyone on the Internet, Kendrick Perkins was left out of the shot. Perkins even commented with the ultimate Internet shade -- a reposting of a fan's take on the snub and a simple "SMH" comment.

OH SNAP! Clearly feeling bad about the issue, the always-mindful Thabeet posted a new selfie with just him and Perkins on Monday.

OMG, I know how awkward this all must have been because the exact same thing happened to me in seventh grade! It was SO crazy! The Oklahoma City Thunder: where middle school drama happens.

'A different kind of buzz'

It's been frequently reported that Lorde's mega-smash song "Royal" was written after the pop songstress saw a 1976 issue of National Geographic with George Brett of the Kansas City Royals on the cover. So it was only a matter of time before a Royals-themed parody was released. Well, your prayers fears have come true. One fan uploaded his version of the song, just in time for Opening Day.

OK then. No word from Lorde on her thoughts on the rendition, but she has been spotted rocking a George Brett Royals jersey that was, of course, sent from George Brett last month.

You've come a long way from counting your dollars on the train to the party, Lorde.

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