Bracket of Discontent: Title game!

Like the 2008 Kansas-Memphis NCAA title game, The Bracket of Our Discontent has ended with two No. 1 seeds meeting for all the marbles.

In the Super Brutal Region, the Biebs benefited from a bye in the opening round, then cruised past "Line-cutters," "People Who Litter" and "Bad Public Transportation Etiquette," never allowing more than 22 percent of the vote to an opponent.

In the Truly Awful Region, "Twitter Trolls" had a tougher road to the championship game. After also receiving a first-round bye, the trolls beat out "Internet Hoaxes," "People Who Are 'Literally' 'Dying' Right Now" and "Sagging Pants," which put up a good fight, earning 44 percent of the vote.

And so it comes to this: Justin Bieber versus Twitter Trolls. Only one can be crowned champion in The Bracket of our Discontent. Your votes will decide, so weigh in now!

Twitter trolls vs. Justin Bieber

Inappropriate commentators who hide behind a computer screen, or the Biebs and his pet monkey?

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