Buzz That Was: Playing Dress-Up

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Nothing says the Masters quite like green jackets and pink hair.

In case you were too busy mourning the end of the college basketball season and missed out on sports, we've got you covered. Here's everything you missed last night.

Pretty pink putt

For the second-straight year, Caroline Wozniacki put on her best white jumpsuit to caddie for fiancé Rory McIlroy at the Par 3 tournament at the Masters. This year the tennis star shook up the stodgy country-club atmosphere with a new "pink hair, don't care!" look.

But don't worry, the startling new hair color seemed to go over just fine. I can confirm at least 50 percent of Augusta's female members publicly approved.

And if Wozniacki's Avril Lavigne-style rebellion didn't win her any new fans, her 30-foot made putt on the ninth hole likely did.

Wozniacki impressed herself so much with the putt that she rushed to Twitter to brag about it to Andy Roddick. As anyone would.

DeAndre dunks

The Oklahoma City Thunder beat the Los Angeles Clippers 107-101 on Wednesday night. But don't let that silly fact get in your way of enjoying the following DeAndre Jordan dunks, made on back-to-back possessions in the second quarter. Apologies in advance to Serge Ibaka.

Show me your dunk face, indeed.

Lindsey Vonn pulls fast one

Lindsey Vonn, the most famous skier in America, went undercover as a Vail ski resort employee and just about no one recognized her. It must have been her clever disguise of big-rimmed glasses that tricked everyone.

I'm almost relieved there was at least one creepy dude who figured out who she was.

Wedding audible

Haven't received a "Save the Date" for AJ McCarron and Katherine Webb's summer wedding yet? That's likely because you're not invited. But don't let that detail stop you from being involved in every step of the wedding process! The first couple of Alabama hasn't finalized a venue yet for their July nuptials, but they have reportedly decided to film the entire process for a reality show, according to the Auburn Plainsman. Because they just knew none of us would be able to go on without watching Webb pick out a color scheme (Spoiler alert: It's Crimson and white) or McCarron find suits for his abnormally large football-playing groomsmen.

While no specific details have been released about the show, McCarron issued a semi-denial, but then indicated his fiancée might be doing a show but that it's none of your business. OK then.

I, for one, have far too sophisticated taste to watch a reality show about these two anyway. Just kidding. I will 100 percent be setting my DVR the second a premiere date is announced.

'Not fooling around'

If you needed some sort of proof that the baseball season had started and the box scores just weren't doing it for you, we officially have the first viral interview of the year. Earlier this week, Cincinnati Reds first baseman and Canadian treasure Joey Votto did an entire segment with MLB Network's "Intentional Talk" dressed in a Mountie uniform. The whole thing is more than eight minutes long, but it is completely worth your time.

Swift Gold

In "Keep moving over, Selena Gomez" news, it looks as if Taylor Swift has added a 35th BFF to her inner circle. In the ultimate display of friendship, the singer made cookies AND funny faces with Gracie Gold on Wednesday and then posted a picture on Instagram to prove it.

Public Service Announcement: If you're a famous woman in any capacity and under 35, Taylor Swift WILL find a way to be friends with you. It's not optional.

Hall of a routine

For those of you who have had the basketball blinders on for the past week and avoided everything else, this is for you. For everyone else, disregard because I'm sure you've seen this clip 457 times. Lloimincia Hall, a gymnast at LSU, has been making the viral rounds with her floor routine that has been receiving 10s from competition judges and harsh Internet critics alike.

Insert predictable "Even McKayla Maroney is impressed!" comment here.

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