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Shabazz Napier got the issue of NCAA meal allowances cooking with his revelation that he sometimes went to bed starving.

In case you were too busy scraping your money together to buy tickets for the rumored Beyonce and Jay-Z summer tour and missed out on sports, we've got you covered. Here's everything you missed last night.

All you can eat

Barely a week after Shabazz Napier claimed there were nights he went to bed "starving" because he couldn't afford food, the NCAA's legislative council approved a proposal that would allow unlimited food and snacks to Division I athletes. You are now excused to get yourself a snack before continuing.

Previously, schools had been allowed to provide three meals per day or a stipend for those meals to scholarship athletes. The new proposal would provide ALL THE FOOD YOU CAN EAT (think "Golden Corral" but for athletic people) and would also include walk-ons. While the measure can't officially be approved until the board of directors votes on April 24, that didn't stop many former and current student-athletes from weighing in on the issue.

Literally, in Jared Lorenzen's case.

Former Tennessee softball star and SEC Player of the Year Lauren Gibson expressed her sadness over the timing of the decision with emoticons. As anyone would.

And, Wisconsin basketball star Frank Kaminsky was pretty much ready to take advantage of the deal the moment it was announced.

Any chance the NCAA could extend this idea for members of the media who occasionally cover college sports? Thanks in advance, guys. I could really use a waffle, a deli sandwich, three cookies and some lemonade. Don't pretend that's not what your dinner consisted of in college.

Well done

Wasting no time in taking advantage of Damian Lillard's megadeal with adidas, Foot Locker released a commercial featuring the Portland Trail Blazers star on Tuesday. In the spot, Lillard offends some legends ... and Chris Webber.

Cheer up, Karl Malone. You may have lost in the Finals "over and over," but at least you can put together a star-studded barbecue.

George and Lorde

It's been widely discussed that Lorde's hit "Royal," the song you've now heard roughly 7 million times, was inspired by a picture of Kansas City Royals legend George Brett. Last month, the New Zealand native received a custom jersey from Brett while performing in Kansas City, leaving ones and ones of us wondering just when the two would finally meet. And it looks like dreams come true (or my dreams, that is) because the teen pop star and the baseball Hall of Famer hung out on Tuesday.

Looks like we really can call her "queen bee" after all.

Growth potential on the track

Watch out, NASCAR drivers, your future competition has arrived. Although you might have a few years to prepare. Jeff Gordon's 6-year-old daughter, Ella, got behind the wheel of a quarter midget (which is apparently a go-kart type vehicle and not a questionable term I made up) for the first time, and her proud parents posted the proof on Twitter.

Like father, like daughter.

Crossing the line

Public Service Announcement: Do not yell "son of a biscuit!" on the tennis court. Apologies for not getting this message to Donald Young sooner.

Really, chair umpire? REALLY? Can you imagine what would have happened had he yelled something, I don't know, PG-13 rated?

Looking out for No. 1

The San Antonio Spurs are often ridiculed for being boring, and they did absolutely nothing to change their reputation after just getting into the selfie trend on Tuesday. Over a month -- or seven years in Internet time -- after Ellen DeGeneres' famous Oscar edition.

The Spurs are the top seed in the Western Conference heading into the playoffs, so I guess we can give them a pass here.

Don't you watch 'SportsCenter?'

It took me several views to determine if this was a movie promo or a State Farm commercial, but Aaron Rodgers, Seth Rogen and Zac Efron come together in some sort of promotional television ad. Rogen only recognizes Rodgers as the "Discount Double Check" guy and hilarity naturally ensues.

You had me at the "Dawson's Creek" reference, fellas.

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