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Kevin Durant looked a whole lot like an MVP on the court and a little bit like a rocket ship in a commercial.

In case you were too busy celebrating all things 1990s after the Jenny McCarthy-Donnie Wahlberg engagement announcement, we've got you covered. Here's everything you missed last night.


Not content with his MVP resume, Kevin Durant ended his regular season with 42 points -- including 21 in the fourth quarter -- and the game-clinching dunk in Oklahoma City's 112-111 win over the Detroit Pistons on Wednesday night.

If you're not impressed, Durant wrapped up his fourth scoring title in five years by averaging 31.9 points per game. He also helped the Thunder clinch the West's No. 2 seed for the playoffs. And if you're somehow still not sold on his night (I see you, LeBron), please watch this first-quarter slam on repeat for the next 20 minutes or so.

It unfortunately won't be included among his MVP credentials, but a new Sprint commercial featuring Durant also debuted on Wednesday, now retroactively known as "Kevin Durant Day." In the spot, he plays a giant-sized Kevin Durant who might also be a rocket. After watching the dunks above, I don't think the role was much of a stretch.

Pardon our French

Congratulations, Los Angeles Lakers fans! You made it through the season. And just like most of you did, Kobe Bryant bid farewell to the 2013-14 campaign in the most appropriate way possible -- with a choice four-letter word.

And if you bothered to watch last night's season finale, a 113-100 win over the San Antonio Spurs, you might actually be more committed to the team than Bryant. The injured star and his family left for a vacation in France on Tuesday or early Wednesday morning, according to the Los Angeles Times. And that perhaps best sums up the Lakers' season.

To the point

Spurs coach Gregg Popovich ended the regular season in trademark Gregg Popovich style -- with a 46-word news conference.

Unlike Kobe Bryant, however, Popovich will have plenty of time to speak to the media during the playoffs.

Catch me if you can!

Lolo Jones has made no secret about her desire to win an Olympic medal, even participating in two different sports in hopes of achieving her dream. So when hockey star Julie Chu left her four medals on the table (way to rub it in there, Jules!), Jones just couldn't help herself.

Let this be a lesson to all you multiple medalists out there: Don't leave your medals out a on a table when Lolo Jones is around. She is faster than you and smarter than you -- she knows if she puts the hijinks on social media, it will look like she isn't actually doing anything wrong.

Line on T-Mac

After announcing his plans to pursue a baseball career in January, former NBA star Tracy McGrady made his debut on Wednesday for the Sugar Land Skeeters. The starting pitcher in a scrimmage against Alvin Community College, T-Mac allowed one run on three hits in an inning of work. Exactly what everyone would expect from a guy who got the opportunity solely due to his name.

The Skeeters won 10-1, and McGrady was the only Skeeters' pitcher to give up a run. You might think that doesn't bode well for his chances of making the final roster. But, SPOILER ALERT: His pitching flaws are trumped by that whole "filling up seats at a stadium for an independent baseball team" thing.

Cal and company

In case you needed another reason to dislike John Calipari , the Kentucky coach flew in a private jet to the Chicago Bulls-Charlotte Bobcats game with "I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell" author and frat-boy hero Tucker Max on Wednesday.

I can feel you doing your best side-eyeing Chloe from here.

Gotta dance?

In a sign of the times, Texas Rangers fan Trent Williams caught a home run ball and instantly did the Nae Nae. Because, duh.

WHEN WILL IT END, AMERICA? WHEN IT WILL END? Probably in about two weeks when we move on to another viral trend.

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