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Churchill Downs, here they come. Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski will serve as correspondents for NBC at the Kentucky Derby.

In case you were too busy trying to unsee the new Avril Lavigne music video and missed out on sports, we've got you covered. Here's what everyone was talking about last night.

Win, place and show

For those experiencing Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir withdrawal, today is your lucky day. The figure skaters-turned-analysts-turned-Oscar commentators will be reunited at the Kentucky Derby to talk all things hats and mint juleps. NBC announced the beloved duo will be back on your television screen from Churchill Downs to help with the entertainment portion of the broadcast.

Of course, it might be worth tuning in just to see what hats these two will be wearing. No surprise here: Weir seems to already have his picked out.

Keeping it clean

The Toronto Raptors evened their first-round series with the Brooklyn Nets at a game apiece with an impressive 100-95 win on Tuesday. But, alas, the game's most buzzed-about moment didn't take place on the court. That honor goes to Drake, who pulled out a lint roller to use on his pants while seated courtside. Um, started rolling up from the bottom, now's he here?

Because an NBA global ambassador just can't have lint on his pants, after all.

Highs and lows

After an ugly Game 1 loss, the Indiana Pacers redeemed themselves with a 101-85 victory over the Atlanta Hawks Tuesday night. The win came after days of panic over the collapse by the Eastern Conference's top-seeded team . Things had gotten so bad in Indianapolis, Roy Hibbert had even been put up for sale on Amazon.

And yet, somehow it got worse when reports of an all-out brawl between Lance Stephenson and Evan Turner on the eve of Game 1 came to light. The two apparently had to be separated by teammates during practice on Friday. But, despite everything, the Pacers put up a united front and some "SportsCenter"-worthy plays on Tuesday.

If Oprah is looking for a replacement for the Lindsay Lohan reality series, she really might want to consider casting the entire Pacers roster.

Kate meets Tommy

Olympic luger-turned-dancing phenom Kate Hansen brought her Beyonce-esque moves to the pitcher's mound this week at Dodger Stadium. Everyone's favorite 10th-place finisher threw out the first pitch before L.A.'s game against the Philadelphia Phillies. While there is no video on the apparently good-for-nothing Internet, there are, of course, a slew of pictures.

Hansen even made a new friend at the ballpark named Tommy. Perhaps you've heard of him.

No word if Hansen taught Tommy Lasorda any dance moves, but it should provide a great visual in your head anyway.

Route to stardom

Peyton Manning spoke at a Denver-area school this week about the importance of healthy living and exercise and blah, blah, blah. The important part of this story is the clip below.

Only Peyton Manning could transform a preteen in gym class into a touchdown-grabbing, double-move-running receiver. Move over, Wes Welker!

Putting this one to rest

Perhaps thinking #TBT was referring to Tuesday, Matt Harvey tweeted a picture of himself making an obscene gesture in a hospital bed before receiving Tommy John surgery six months ago. While most people enjoyed the photo, a few had apparently never seen a middle finger before and were aghast at such an image corrupting the innocence of the Internet. Harvey responded immediately by... deleting his Twitter account. So that escalated quickly.

Of course, the ordeal already has spawned a line of T-shirts that would be grounds for firing if posted here, and a parody Twitter account.

You don't know squat

For those of you feeling pleased with yourselves about your most recent workout, apologies in advance for this Debbie Downer moment. A video quickly made the rounds on Tuesday of Troy offensive lineman Terrence Jones squatting 810 pounds. That is not a typo.

Icing on the cake

Cheer up, Los Angeles Lakers fans. One member of your team has found a way to participate in the postseason. A postseason, that is. Donning a custom jersey, Nick Young rode the Zamboni at the San Jose Sharks-Los Angeles Kings game on Tuesday.

His teammate Jordan Farmar even found a way to get involved with the playoff action, heckling Young from his rinkside seat.

The Los Angeles Lakers, ladies and gentlemen!

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