Buzz That Was: Eloquence in silence

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The Clippers and many of their fans were seeing red on Sunday after the alleged comments by owner Donald Sterling.

In case you were too busy listening to the smooth R&B rendition of the "DuckTales" theme song on repeat and missed out on sports, we've got you covered. Here's what everyone else was talking about this weekend.

Clippers stand together

On Sunday, a day after Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling allegedly was caught on tape making racist remarks, the team took the court for Game 4 of its opening-round playoff series against the Golden State Warriors. While everyone from President Barack Obama to Michael Jordan had voiced outrage over the comments, the players decided to play the game after contemplating a boycott. Still, they took a unified stand through a silent protest. The Clippers gathered at half court before the game and removed their warm-up shirts, revealing inside-out red shooting shirts that hid the Clippers name.

The Clippers continued their silent opposition by prominently displaying black socks and armbands during the game. Members of the Portland Trail Blazers and the Houston Rockets followed suit in their game on Sunday night in a show of support.

Donald Sterling did not attend Sunday's game, but his estranged wife, Rochelle, did. Wearing all black, Rochelle sat courtside and reportedly even flew with the team. She declined an interview with ESPN's Lisa Salters but did issue a statement in which she proclaimed, "I am not a racist."

Despite all the distractions and protests, a basketball game still did take place -- unfortunately for the Clippers. L.A. lost 118-97 and the series stands at two games apiece.

Matt Kemp turns to Michael Jackson

Los Angeles Dodgers star Matt Kemp, whose race was a topic of discussion in the leaked Sterling audio, decided to make a statement of his own during Sunday's game against the Colorado Rockies -- by using Michael Jackson's "Black or White" as his at-bat music.

Kemp reportedly decided to make the subtle, yet perfect, music change for the day after someone jokingly played the song in the clubhouse before the game.

From course to park

Lydia Ko won the Swinging Skirts LPGA Classic on Sunday, but it was a group of her peers who may have had the weekend's most fun. On Friday night, Michelle Wie and Paula Creamer had first-pitch honors for "Golf Night" at AT&T Park, and the two threw tradition to the wind as they opted for a "first chip" instead. Take that, establishment! Joined by Brittany Lincicome, Christina Kim and Juli Inkster at the ballpark, the group took over the San Francisco Giants' Twitter feed and posed for pictures just about everywhere throughout the evening.

Worth the wait

After years of toiling in the minor leagues, 29-year-old pitcher Scott Carroll made his MLB debut for the Chicago White Sox on Sunday. If his age isn't indicative enough of the long journey Carroll has taken to get to the big leagues, this picture of his tearful mother at the game should just about sum it all up.

Shifting gears

Maria Sharapova claimed her third straight Porsche Grand Prix title with a 3-6, 6-4, 6-1 win over Ana Ivanovic on Sunday. She celebrated the victory by posing with a Porsche and taking it around for a spin. She posted a picture of herself with the car and an inspirational quote on Twitter.

While Sharapova surely was hoping to encourage her fans to overcome adversity and all that good stuff, you probably shouldn't expect a six-figure sports car waiting for you if you do so.

See ya later

Choose your own adventure. You're playing a nice round of golf with a hefty cash prize on the line when your playing partner's ball ends up right next to an alligator. What do you do next?

A. Run for the hills screaming and hysterically crying (author's choice)

B. Stand there for as long as you're allowed and hope the ridiculously large animal moves

C. Grab a rake and shoo the reptile back into the water

If you chose Option C, here is a video of how your story plays out, thanks to John Petersen at this weekend's Zurich Classic in New Orleans.

If you said A or B, congratulations on being a sane individual. But sadly there is no video footage of how that would have played out.

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