Buzz That Was: Complete zero

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LeBron James gave Michael Jordan a quick hug goodbye after the Heat swept the Bobcats in their first-round series.

In case you were too busy wondering what the departure of Craig Ferguson would mean for his robot-skeleton sidekick and missed out on sports, we've got you covered. Here's what everyone else was talking about last night.

Hug heard 'round the world

LeBron James scored 31 points to help the Miami Heat complete a sweep of the Charlotte Bobcats with a 109-98 win on Monday. Perhaps because the series itself was somewhat of a snoozefest and there really isn't much else to talk about, LeBron's brief embrace with Bobcats owner and all-around legend Michael Jordan after the game was the viral event of the evening.

While there's really nothing to see here, I know everyone is desperately trying to read into this (fairly mundane) moment and is watching it 457 times.

Another made-for-social media moment took place before the game. In a show of support for the Los Angeles Clippers players, the Heat left their shooting shirts at halfcourt before the game and wore their warm-ups inside out, just like the Clippers did on Sunday.

Fast breaks

The fallout after Clippers owner Donald Sterling's alleged racist remarks continued with virtually all of the team's corporate sponsors severing or suspending ties on Monday. The singer Tank, who was set to perform the national anthem before Game 5 tonight at the Staples Center, announced he would not be performing due to the "disturbing and offensive allegations." He further explained his decision on social media with the caption, "Let's stand for something! Not just black people but EVERYBODY!" and a picture of Tommie Smith and John Carlos and their famed black-power salute at the 1968 Olympics.

It's not pretty

The Indiana Pacers continued their quest for an early vacation on Monday with a 107-97 loss to the Atlanta Hawks. Indiana -- the No. 1 seed in the East -- trails 3-2 as the series heads back to Atlanta. The Pacers were outscored 41-19 in the second quarter, and the fans were less than encouraging because of the effort, or lack thereof, and heckled and booed throughout the evening.

Move over, Justin Bieber and Lindsay Lohan. I think we have some new poster children for the term "trainwreck." Better yet, Roy Hibbert -- who had a grand total of ZERO points and ZERO rebounds in the loss -- was given the Wilt Chamberlain treatment.

Don't ever change, Twitter.

'Only in New York'

Robinson Cano will make his return to Yankee Stadium tonight after leaving over the offseason to join the Seattle Mariners. Anticipating the large smattering of boos, the All-Star second baseman will receive in the Bronx, the always-considerate Jimmy Fallon decided to help him prepare... by having him experience the boo birds firsthand on the streets of New York.

Moral of the story: It's a LOT easier to jeer a cardboard picture than, you know, an actual person.

Why weight?

Olympic bobsledding medalist Elana Meyers got married over the weekend to longtime boyfriend and fellow bobsledder Nic Taylor. Naturally the two celebrated their honeymoon as you would expect -- by hitting up the weight room.

Meyers, a former softball standout at George Washington University, had her number retired at a ceremony on Monday, and the just-married couple couldn't be that close to a gym without working out. This truly is a new level of "no days off."

Special moment

As everyone knows, college scholarships are hard to come by. And football scholarships, particularly those for special-teams players, are an especially rare commodity. Houston kicker Kyle Bullard knew that all too well when he and his mother went to meet with Cougars coach Tony Levine about his scholarship status earlier this month. The writing looked to be on the wall for the junior as his coach rambled on (and on) about how difficult acquiring a scholarship in Division I is. And then, Bullard and his mom got the surprise of a lifetime. The whole meeting was captured on film, just to make your Tuesday a little brighter.

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