Socially speaking: LPGA's best

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Lexi Thompson and Michelle Wie both had an impressive April -- on and off the golf course.

With the 2014 season in full swing, we decided to take a look at some of the LPGA's best and brightest. In 140 characters or fewer and Earlybird filter usage, that is. Here are our favorite social media moments from April.

Michelle Wie| @TheMichelleWie | Ranking: 13

Michelle Wie won the LOTTE Championship on April 19, her first title since 2010, and while her victory was remarkable, we might be even more impressed by her ability to hold the trophy and take a selfie at the same time.

Warning: The "But first, let me take a selfie" caption likely will get a certain song stuck in your head for the next eternity or so.

Brittany Lang | @blanggolf | Ranking: 66

Brittany Lang has made more than $4 million during her career on the LPGA Tour, and yet her agent still can't afford to rent a car much bigger than a Power Wheel. The struggle is real, people.

Lexi Thompson | @Lexi | Ranking: 6

Lexi Thompson won her first major in April at the Kraft Nabisco Championship, but that's not why she's on this list. Her professional achievements are great and all, but today we salute the 19-year-old for her brave decision to proudly rock the worst farmer's tan we've ever seen. You are a true fashion pioneer, Lexi.

Vicky Hurst | @TheVickyHurst | Ranking: 202

In "you really can't make this up" news, Vicky Hurst became the topic of international tabloid speculation as she was spotted hugging Bruce Jenner outside a Chipotle restaurant in Malibu. While the "Bruce Jenner embraces mystery woman" headlines were salacious, the real story is decidedly not that interesting. Danielle Kang, who belongs to the same country club as Jenner, and Hurst were hanging out with the Kardashian stepdad, and like any hungry group of people might do, decided they needed burritos. Hurst took to her Twitter account to hilariously dispel any romantic rumors.

So cheesy, Vicky. But I guess it's OK if you felt you had to taco about it. Moving on.

Jane Park | @TheJanePark | Ranking: 93

Tiffany Joh's love for animal-themed onesies has been well documented. So what would happen if someone dared to steal Joh's beloved garments? Jane Park has an idea.

Joh responded with a simple but firm: "You. Wouldn't. Dare." Although if that picture was accurate, we're guessing Park really had no intention of doing so in the first place.

Lydia Ko | @Lko424 | Ranking: 2

In case you needed a refresher, here's Lydia Ko's previous week in a nutshell: Won her first LPGA tournament as a tour professional -- and third overall -- at the Swinging Skirts LPGA Classic; was named to Time magazine's "100 Most Influential People" list; and celebrated her 17th birthday. Yes, you read that correctly. Her 17th birthday. As if her parents needed another reason to be proud of her, Ko immediately took to Twitter and thanked every single person who could possibly warrant a thank-you. Here is a very small sampling of Ko's politeness:

Lizette Salas | @LizetteSalas5 | Ranking: 16

Raise your hand if you think "Pure Silk" refers to a line of milk-alternative products. If you raised your hand, you would be wrong. But cheer up, you're not alone ... as Lizette Salas, who is sponsored by Pure Silk Shaving, found out firsthand during her pro-am round at the North Texas LPGA Shootout this week.


Cheyenne Woods| @Cheyenne_Woods | Ranking: 144

While Cheyenne Woods may spend most of her time on the Symetra Tour (the LPGA's developmental tour), she still is one of the most recognizable faces and names in women's golf, thanks in large part to that guy she calls "Uncle." Due to her fame and name recognition, Woods was given the honor of throwing out the first pitch at a recent Tampa Bay Rays game. While her poise on the mound was admirable, she might want to keep her day job.

Danah Bordner | @danahbordner | Ranking: 266

Desperately searching for that one spring wardrobe staple but just can't find it? Thanks to Danah Bordner's savvy shopping skills, it might be your lucky day.

While she posted a picture of the shirt on Twitter for her friend and peer Laura Diaz, all of the images of delicious and fatty Texas foods shared by their fellow golfers this week make us think she may have a few more requests for the shirt.

Christina Kim | @TheChristinaKim | Ranking: 129

Along with a group of fellow LPGA golfers, Christina Kim was honored at a San Francisco Giants game while in town for the Swinging Skirts LPGA Classic. Sure, Michelle Wie and Paula Creamer were given the first pitch -- or first chip, in their case -- honors, but Kim won the night on Twitter with her creation of an inevitable viral trend. Posing with Matt Cain and Ryan Vogelsong, Kim took a THREEFIE. Coming soon to every Twitter and Instagram account near you.

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