Buzz That Was: An up-and-down weekend

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Donald Sterling tells Anderson Cooper he's sorry, he's distraught and that Magic Johnson isn't a good role model for kids in Los Angeles.

In case you were too busy getting your Mother's Day celebrations on and missed out on sports, we've got you covered. Here's what everyone else was talking about this weekend.


Exiled Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling apologized for his behavior and asked for forgiveness in an interview with Anderson Cooper that will air in its entirety tonight on CNN. Banned for life from the NBA, Sterling insisted he is "not a racist" during the interview. A claim that, you know, isn't exactly supported by all of the racist things he was recorded saying. The always-classy Sterling called it his only mistake in 35 years and went on to take little ownership of the gaffe, saying he was "baited." So, SPOILER ALERT, this interview won't help his cause in the court of public opinion.

In case you were too preoccupied with holding your shaking head in your hands or just couldn't make it through the whole clip, Sterling also said Magic Johnson "isn't a good example for the children of Los Angeles." OK THEN.

Good luck getting through this whole interview tonight, America.

Historic pick

Former Missouri defensive end and SEC Defensive Player of the Year Michael Sam was selected by the St. Louis Rams on Saturday in the seventh round of the NFL draft. Becoming the first openly gay athlete drafted by the NFL, Sam was clearly emotional when he received the call from his new team.

While he undoubtedly received hundreds of congratulatory calls, texts and tweets throughout the weekend, one well-wisher might have stood out a little from the pack. The White House issued a statement on behalf of President Barack Obama in which he congratulated Sam, the Rams and the league for "taking an important step forward in our Nation's journey."

Sam, for his part, just seemed thrilled to go join his new team.

Same old Wizards

With a career-playoff-high 39 points, Paul George helped the Indiana Pacers overcome a 19-point deficit for a 95-92 win over the Washington Wizards. The Pacers hold a 3-1 series lead and it seems we can officially put a moratorium on jokes about the team's implosion. But with six seconds left, it looked as if the Wizards would have a chance to get a shot off to potentially force overtime. And then this happened:

Aww, that looks like the Wizards we've known and, um, known for so many years.

Shot heard 'round the world

Elin Nordegren, the ex-wife of Tiger Woods, graduated from Rollins College on Saturday. With a 3.96 GPA, the psychology major was named the outstanding graduating senior. Her speech was mostly your standard graduation fare but did include some references to her famous former spouse. You can watch the entire 12-minute clip below or on any of the 4,000 other outlets that covered this, or you can just read the best quote right here: "It was right after I had taken communications and the media that I was unexpectedly thrust into the media limelight... and I probably should have taken more notes in that class."

Nordegren unfortunately did not use any of her time to address the recent rumors regarding her BFF status with Tiger's current girlfriend Lindsey Vonn. Maybe she's saving that for her master's speech.

Pitch for the ages

COOL GRANDMA ALERT: On Sunday, 101-year old Kitty Cohen threw out the first pitch before the Los Angeles Angels-Toronto Blue Jays game, becoming the oldest and most adorable Canadian to perform the ceremonial duties. Cohen made sure to represent for all the triple-digiters out there. Jogging to the mound, she warmed up her shoulder and threw out a pretty impressive pitch.

Somewhere out there, probably singing "Call Me Maybe" through her tears while she unsuccessfully calls Justin Bieber, Carly Rae Jepsen is hopefully taking some notes.

Putin it in the net

Playing in a league with former professional hockey players, Russian President Vladimir Putin scored six goals in a game over the weekend. NO BIG DEAL OR ANYTHING. Helping lead his team to a 21-4 victory, Putin slowly glided all over the ice and past defenders who seemed too afraid to go anywhere near him. A true athletic display, to be sure.

Moral of the story: Being a feared politician is the easiest way to guarantee a victory in a "friendly" game.

On the edge of her seat

Got a case of the Mondays and need a little encouragement for the week? Please allow this adorable pint-sized Los Angeles Clippers fan to cheer you up.

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