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What was the most unbelievable storyline from Game 1 of Heat-Pacers: Mike Epps' claim that he was sitting courtside, the conspiracy theory of George Hill's girlfriend, or Roy Hibbert scoring 19 points and grabbing nine rebounds?

In case you were too busy watching a hologram of Michael Jackson performing a new single and missed out on sports, we've got you covered. Here's what everyone else was talking about this weekend.

Keeping up with the Pacers

After a tumultuous postseason filled with infighting, questionable performances and punch lines, the Indiana Pacers stunned just about everyone on Sunday with a 107-96 Game 1 win over the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference finals. For those who are just learning that outcome now, I'll give you a second to pick your jaw up off the floor.

Indiana fans everywhere were ecstatic. Even those who claimed to be in attendance but were actually in Australia. I'm looking at you, Mike Epps. The comedian tweeted a picture that appeared to be taken courtside with the caption "We here." But there was just one little problem -- the Heat were wearing the wrong uniforms. He was IMMEDIATELY ridiculed on Twitter until he eventually deleted the photo. While his tweets indicate he has been on the other side of the world for the past several days, Epps later posted a picture from Sydney that claimed he was at the game but then flew to Oz. SURE THING, MIKE. This makes TOTAL sense and all.

If this is what Epps defines as comedy, he really might want to rethink his chosen career.

No Romo!

Last week, Los Angeles Clippers fans somewhat jokingly blamed Tony Romo for their series-ending loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder. Naturally, San Antonio Spurs fans didn't want to take any chances in the Western Conference finals, so they did what any self-respecting sports fans would do and petitioned the White House to ban the Dallas Cowboys quarterback from attending their games. Of course.

Before you roll your eyes at asking the leader of the free world to help this cause, you might want to take a look at some of the ample evidence to support the supposed "Tony Romo Curse."

Somewhere out there, probably counting her millions and millions of dollars from her clothing line and all the shoes I've purchased, Jessica Simpson is yelling "KARMA!" while creating fake names to sign on the petition.

Suspenders disbelief

Serena Williams beat Sara Errani, 6-3, 6-0, to win the Italian Open on Sunday and then immediately -- and visibly -- set her sights on the season-ending WTA Championships in Singapore.

If you're not impressed by her focus, please at least take a moment to be inspired by her brave decision to wear suspenders in public. A true hero, on and off the court.

Standing ovation

For your feel-good, shivers-inducing moment of the day, paralyzed former Rutgers football player Eric LeGrand graduated on Sunday. After receiving his diploma, he delivered a motivational commencement speech and received a standing ovation from his classmates.

I know you're supposed to say "good luck" to graduates, but I really don't think LeGrand needs it.

Reciting their Vols

In "only SEC fans" news, two Tennessee die-hards threw a Vols-themed wedding for the ages over the weekend -- complete with a replica of the stadium end zone and game tickets for invitations. Because, the South.

Both the bride and groom seem pleased, so I think that's all the proof we need that there truly is someone out there for everyone.

Glaring omission

Justin Timberlake took home the trophy for Top Artist at Sunday's Billboard Music Awards. He was too busy to actually attend the event, but he accepted the award via a taped response. While doing some sort of weird dance move with his backup dancers, Timberlake thanked every single person on Earth ... except Donald Sterling. Seriously.


Washington Nationals outfielder Jayson Werth offered a gift to the Internet gods over the weekend with a "Mean Girls" reference during his postgame interview. You go, Jayson Werth.

Your thoughts, Dan Kolko?


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