Buzz That Was: Ugly night in Miami

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Having Serena Williams and Usain Bolt in the stands didn't erase the sting of a Kawhi Leonard monster dunk and a Game 4 loss for LeBron James and the Heat.

In case you were too busy crying over the abrupt cancellation of "I Wanna Marry Harry" (BUT HOW WILL WE EVER KNOW WHO THE FAKE PRINCE PICKED TO NOT ACTUALLY MARRY?!?) and missed out on sports, we've got you covered. Here's what everyone else was talking about last night.

Miami mayhem

After another shocking blowout win over the Miami Heat in Game 4 on Thursday night, the San Antonio Spurs are just one win away from winning the 2014 NBA Finals. Led by another strong offensive night and balanced team effort, the Spurs handed the Heat a 107-86 loss at home. Game 3 hero Kawhi Leonard had another impressive outing, with 20 points, 14 boards and one absolutely ridiculous dunk.

While it was a rough night for the Heat players, it was even tougher for their fans, who had willingly spent hundreds of dollars to watch the debacle. It was so demoralizing, the crowd started booing its own team late in the first half and continued into the second. But, despite their disgust with the Heat's play, they mostly remained in their seats until there were about five minutes left to play.

While many were critical of the evacuating fans, can you really blame them? Their team itself didn't even bother to show up at all.

Timmy Backpack

Despite a 3-1 series lead and a playoff-record 158th career double-double, Tim Duncan still couldn't escape the wrath of the fashion police. And he was fined heavily (read: ridiculed beyond belief on Twitter) for his pre- and postgame attire at the arena, likely inspired by a seventh-grade boy in 1997.

Paging Sarah Harbaugh. We have a dad jeans emergency and need your help. ASAP!

Serena and Usain

The night wasn't all doom and gloom for Heat fans. At least not the famous ones seated courtside. Serena Williams and Usain Bolt managed to ignore what was going on 10 feet in front of them and had a great evening, snapping selfies and hanging with the team mascot. Just your typical Thursday night in Miami.

Love these kids

Everyone wants to know where Kevin Love is headed. And I mean, EVERYONE. While at the premiere for the Skylanders video game, two adorably small kid reporters scored an exclusive interview with the coveted forward. With questions like "Would you rather be a Skylander or a Laker?" and "WHERE ARE YOU GOING NEXT YEAR?" the next Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein grilled Love, in the cutest way possible.

Great Scott

Golf fans are known for their demure demeanor at tournaments (they don't call it a golf clap for nothing), so it's always a surprise to see someone break that mold. During the first round of the U.S. Open on Thursday, one very devoted Adam Scott fan shocked pretty much everyone at Pinehurst with a clown-like hairstyle supporting the Australian golfer.

Because sometimes, a simple T-shirt or hat just won't cut it. Apparently.

Drake, we have a problem

Rapper Drake was in attendance for Thursday's Arizona Diamondbacks-Houston Astros game. As part of "Houston Appreciation Week," the former "DeGrassi" star was honored by the team and even wore an Astros jersey. WAIT, WHAT? That makes no sense considering the Astros don't even have a winning record. Maybe he was just trying to shed his bandwagon reputation and decided to support one of the worst teams in the league. Or maybe the Toronto Blue Jays, his hometown squad, just haven't offered him a global ambassador role yet.

Started from the bottom, now's he at an Astros game. Isn't that basically the same thing?

Groomed for this role

Texas Rangers catcher J.P. Arencibia married country singer Kimberly Perry on Thursday in front of a star-studded guest list in Greenville, Tennessee. Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton, Carrie Underwood, Mike Fisher and presumably several Rangers teammates that neither E! nor People bothered to acknowledge were in attendance. It sounds like a beautiful day full of love, family and friends, but I'm honestly just sharing this story so I can have an excuse to show you Arencibia's spot-on impression of Tim Kurkjian for the 300th time.

No word on if three scouts, a cousin or Kurkjian himself scored an invite to the nuptials.

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