Buzz That Was: Walk on the wild side

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Is there a better reason to paint your face than the United States' World Cup opener?

In case you were too busy watching Brian Williams' take on "Baby Got Back" and missed out on sports, we've got you covered. Here's what everyone else was talking about last night.

On top of the World!

Have you heard? The United States opened the World Cup with a 2-1 win over Ghana on Monday night. Clint Dempsey scored the fifth-fastest goal in World Cup history when he gave the Americans a 1-0 lead just 30 seconds in. U-S-A fans everywhere were pretty pleased.

But the Black Stars, who have famously helped eliminate the U.S. from the previous two World Cups, managed to respond in the 82nd minute. While things looked temporarily bleak for the Americans, little-known substitute John Brooks literally saved the day with a game-winning goal in the 86th minute. Yes, it is perfectly acceptable to watch this on loop for the rest of the afternoon while chanting "I Believe!"

While the game gave red, white and blue-donning fans everywhere something to cheer about, the win might have been just the icing on the (future) cake for one couple in attendance. American Outlaw member Nick Brusich skipped the halftime beer in Brazil and instead used the downtime to, you know, propose to his longtime girlfriend and fellow Outlaw Jennifer Buzan. No big deal, or anything. If you've ever wondered what "U-S-A" and "She said yes" chants sound like together, this clip is definitely for you.

"Now what?" "Now we win the World Cup!" OK, guys, I know you're excited and all, but let's not get too ahead of ourselves here.

A precious moment

While just about everyone was sending celebratory tweets about the American win, Delta Airlines tried to take a creative approach. The airline posted an image of the Statue of Liberty with the "2" score on it next to a picture of a giraffe with the "1" score on it.

There's just one little problem. Ghana doesn't, you know, have any giraffes. While other countries in Africa have such wildlife, one might think a company that makes billions of dollars helping people travel across the globe would know better. The airline tried to apologize. Well, sort of.

Back away from the computer, Delta.

Oh, airlines

After a 23rd-place finish at the U.S. Open, Rory McIlroy was undoubtedly hoping for a better result at this week's Irish Open. But if his travel woes are any indication, it might be a rocky week. You see, golfers need their golf clubs and, well, United Airlines lost McIlroy's. So, yeah. That might be a slight problem.

After his tweet went viral and United failed to respond publicly, Annika Sorenstam politely offered her clubs to the former No. 1.

Finally, after almost two hours and a lot of bad press, the airline promised McIlroy he would have his clubs. On Wednesday. Two full days after landing in Dublin. Congratulations, Delta. Looks like you're not the only airline on the social hot seat today.

The underbelly of the MVP

Despite all the "You the real MVP" memes you likely saw on Sunday night, Kevin Durant is not sold on the Kawhi Leonard hype. In a series of since-deleted tweets, the Oklahoma City Thunder star and reigning MVP shared his thoughts on the San Antonio Spurs star and Finals MVP shortly after the Spurs clinched the NBA title. Durant credited the Spurs' system and not Leonard's incredible talent for his success.

U trippin, KD. Jealously is not a good look, bro.

Clawing his way into the game?

A weekend baseball game in Alaska was delayed due to a GIANT BEAR (not its scientific name) roaming by the outfield fence. Because, Alaska. Thankfully, the animal with razor-sharp teeth considers himself more of a soccer fan, so he quickly lost interest and wandered away.

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