Buzz That Was: Can't mask our delight

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Lou Seal was pumped about the no-hitter, but you haven't seen excitement until you've seen Tim Lincecum in a gladiator mask.

In case you were too busy plotting your excuse to get out of work today to watch the U.S.-Germany game and missed out on sports, we've got you covered. Here's what everyone else was talking about last night.

Tim Lincecum, in a league of his own

San Francisco Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum threw his second career no-hitter on Wednesday night in a 4-0 win over the San Diego Padres. It was his second no-no in a year, as he notched the accomplishment last July, also against the Padres. Big Time Timmy Jim struck out six and walked one in a 113-pitch outing. And while the feat is impressive and all, his postgame celebrations might be the real highlights of the night. It appropriately started with multiple Powerade baths from his teammates. Let's watch one in slow motion, shall we?

Things got progressively weirder from there. Lincecum donned his USA soccer jersey and a gladiator helmet -- NATCH -- and sauntered around the clubhouse as his fellow Giants chanted, "Yes, yes, yes!" Just like anyone would after throwing a no-hitter ... right?

The U.S. soccer team joined in on the online fun, asking the Giants to overnight the interesting headwear to Brazil in time for today's game. The gladiator helmet: a locker room staple since 300 AD.

Hungry for more

Prior to the announcement of Luis Suarez's nine-game suspension for biting Giorgio Chiellini in Tuesday's Uruguay-Italy World Cup game, the wonder that is the Internet created "Biteman," a Pacman-looking game mocking the incident and providing workers across the globe with another way to kill their office productivity. At least Suarez will have something to do during his newfound downtime!

And in further proof that 2014 is truly a magical time to be alive, the classic 2007 viral video "Charlie bit my finger" has been given an updated and topical twist. Yes, you probably guessed it. Introducing "Suarez bit my finger."

If only someone could have recorded Chiellini saying, "Owwwww, that really hurt!" after the game.

Stay, Swaggy P

Beloved Twitter icon and Iggy Azalea's better half, Nick Young, has opted out of his contract with the Los Angeles Lakers. But not everyone has given up hope that he will return to L.A. next season. A group of devoted -- and just plain awesome -- fans bought billboards and billboard trucks around the city encouraging Swaggy P to stay.

If this image doesn't speak directly to Young's heart, I really don't know what will. He seemed moderately impressed after seeing it on Twitter.

Club 'Canes

The hottest club in Miami is ... the Miami Hurricanes' weight room. This place has EVERYTHING -- strobe lights, a live DJ, a coach yelling out encouraging words to prevent people from falling asleep. Since the Miami football team is expected to wake up ridiculously early over the summer for that whole #RISEandGRIND thing, the team found a fun way to motivate -- or just wake up -- players. Turn down for what, indeed.

For the three people out there who have been waiting 11 years to see the 50 Cent "In Da Club" video brought to life, you're welcome. Upside-down sit-ups not included.

Whatever works.

Double diamond delight

Somehow winning the College World Series on Wednesday wasn't even the most exciting event of one Vanderbilt player's day. After his team beat Virginia 3-2 to clinch the title, pitcher Brian Miller proposed to his girlfriend. Thankfully, for public embarrassment reasons, she accepted.

Have to wonder how this night would have played out if the Commodores hadn't won. An engagement through devastated tears doesn't seem quite the same.

Happy beyond his years

For the one person out there who has yet to see this, please enjoy this clip of a young Miami Marlins fan capitalizing on his six seconds of fame in the stands at a game earlier this week. Enjoy.

May your Thursday be half as, um, spirited as this kid's.

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