Buzz That Was: Drunk On Hope

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The Cavs are reportedly a serious contender in the LeBron James sweepstakes, but Pat Riley isn't done yet. You can bet on that.

In case you were too busy butchering "This Is How We Do It" with Tom Hanks and Justin Bieber and missed out on sports, we've got you covered. Here's what everyone else was talking about last night.

LeBron mania

You probably don't remember this, but four years ago today LeBron James spent a half-hour shooting the breeze with Jim Gray before finally announcing he would be taking his talents to Miami to join the Heat. It was a quiet and understated moment that didn't get much press.

Or not.

Two NBA titles later, LeBron is now back on the market as a free agent and hijacking the sports media world as he contemplates his next team. While rumors swirl that LeBron is interested in rejoining the Cleveland Cavaliers, his former team decided it might be about time to delete that pesky letter owner Dan Gilbert wrote to fans about the four-time MVP after he spurned the team in 2010. You know, the one written in Comic Sans font where he called LeBron's exit a "cowardly betrayal" and guaranteed the Cavs would win a title before the Heat did. So ... yeah. That worked out well.

And somehow, despite the fact that LeBron hasn't actually made his decision yet, eager gamblers have run to Vegas or their computers to bet on the Cavs winning the 2015 NBA title. So much so, the odds have drastically dropped almost overnight at various casinos. NO, THIS ISN'T PREMATURE AT ALL, PEOPLE.

I guess it might be time to pull out those totally burned and charred LeBron jerseys, Cavs fans!

Another round?

Congratulations, America. It appears all of your dreams have finally come true. Over the weekend, Target Field in Minneapolis introduced its brand-new SELF-SERVE BEER MACHINE. This is not a drill. This is an actual machine that lets you fill up at your leisure during a game. And just in time for next week's All-Star Game!

If you're not already emailing your local ballpark about when this will be coming your way, here are some details about this machine sent from the heavens. Thirsty fans need to show their ID to a real person (you can't win 'em all, robots) and then can buy a vending card to use. Four types of beers are available and patrons can pour up to 48 ounces every 15 minutes.

While I love this idea, I've stood behind many confused sober people at the self-checkout aisle of the grocery store. I can only imagine what waiting behind someone who is 96 ounces in would be like.

Winning pose

Reigning U.S. Women's Open champ Michelle Wie and Jessica Korda didn't let the pressure of some little tournament known as the Women's British Open impede their fun on Monday. The two took a break from their practice round at Royal Birkdale for an obligatory Instagram photo shoot.

Metta sings parents' praise

If you've ever wondered what Eminem would sound ike if he had the flu and you woke him up in the middle of a deep slumber and forced him to rap, this might be your lucky day. Metta World Peace released his latest musical attempt on Monday and it's ... something. Entitled "Thanks Mom, Thanks Dad," the song pays tribute to -- you guessed it! -- Metta's parents. It's sort of adorable.

Here's to hoping an NBA team signs him soon so he doesn't have time to record a full-length album.

Take my seat

ACTUAL NICE NEWS ALERT! DeAngelo Williams gave his first-class seat on a flight on Monday to a Marine, according to DeAngelo Williams. The Carolina Panthers running back posted a picture on Twitter of the serviceman and his new ticket.

While the "LOOK AT ME, I DID A NICE THING!" tweet might be a little unnecessary, it's still better than looking at another picture of Johnny Manziel partying in Las Vegas.

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