Buzz That Was: The Prodigal King James

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Armed with LeBron James and Johnny Manziel, Cleveland just may be the place to be for a sports fan.

In case you were too busy making "hey girl" memes for Ryan Gosling's potential future daughter and missed out on sports, we've got you covered. Here's what everyone else is talking about.

Cleveland wins the day

After what was the most epic waiting game of all time -- including that time we all waited for what felt like eternity to see what Paris Hilton would wear when she was released from prison -- LeBron James announced his Decision 2.0 on Friday. After countless hours of speculation and unsubstantiated rumors, the four-time MVP announced on that he would be returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

And boom went the dynamite.

Calling northeast Ohio his home and saying it "holds a special place in my heart," LeBron explained he always hoped to one day return and to bring one championship trophy to the city of Cleveland. Please note the use of "one" here and reserve your "not one, not two, not three..." jokes for a later date.

So while Cleveland fans desperately tried to remove the burn marks from their old, charred jerseys or ran to the store to buy new ones, the good people of the Internet produced some of their finest work on the prodigal son's return.

Somewhere out there, desperately trying to figure out how to use Comic Sans font, Pat Riley is penning an angry letter for the Heat website to his team's former superstar.


Of course, no one was happier for LeBron's return to Cleveland than his friend/protégé and newly signed Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel. HOMECOMING PARTY AT JOHHNY'S HOUSE!

Drake will be there as soon as he can find a Cavs hat, Johnny.

Now what?

Now that LeBron guy is out of the way, the rest of the league's free agents can now actually figure out their lives. That sound you hear is LaLa Anthony muttering "finally" under her breath before texting her condolences to BFF Gabrielle Union. Players like Carmelo Anthony and Chris Bosh are now officially on watch. Although the Internet might have already decided Bosh's fate. Congratulations, Houston!

Miami burned

In anticipation of LeBron's move, comedian Mike Epps hilariously summed up the reaction of diehard Heat fans - or least the one that must exist out there somewhere -- on Twitter.

Ahh well, I guess those poor Miami residents will have to go back to settling for just a gorgeous beach, incredible nightlife and perfect year-round weather now. Tough break.

Novak Djokovic, from Wimbledon to wedding

With apologies in advance to Roger Federer, winning Wimbledon wasn't even the highlight of Novak Djokovic's week. On Thursday, the newly crowned champ married his longtime girlfriend, Jelena Ristic, on a ridiculously beautiful island in Montenegro. You done good, Novak.

Among the 250 guests, reportedly, were Maria Sharapova, Andy Murray, Boris Becker and Janko Tipsarevic. Djokovic, Ristic and guests were relatively mum on social media about the event -- posting no pictures or updates. Likely because it's a private event meant to be shared by family and friends only ... or because Hello! magazine paid a half-million dollars for the exclusive rights. So if you were hoping to see pictures from the big day online, please save yourself the 45 minutes that you'll never get back and wait until the magazine releases them. I wish I had.

Sharapova did allude to the pesky paparazzi, however. So that's something.

Walking on air

After the semifinal against the Netherlands went into extra time on Wednesday, hordes of travelling Argentine fans were despondent because they had to miss the conclusion of the match to board their flight. While they were able to stay updated via phone while waiting for takeoff, the poorly timed flight took off right as penalty kicks began, thus leaving the fans completely in the dark about the result. But, once the plane reached its cruising altitude, the pilot announced the final score. Their reaction (pardon the excited language) is pretty much exactly what you would expect.

Hopefully these fans will adjust their travel plans more appropriately on Sunday.

Royal treatment for Prince Fielder

After his cover for ESPN the Magazine's Body Issue went viral, Prince Fielder was bestowed the Internet's highest honor: his image was manipulated by the masses. The results are truly works of art.

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