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Lukas Podolski, here with his son, scored high marks for his selfies after Germany's World Cup win.

In case you were too busy wondering why it took 13 years to get a rock cover of 'N Sync's "Bye, Bye, Bye" and missed out on sports, we've got you covered. Here's what everyone else was talking about this weekend.

Happiness is ...

After 112 agonizing scoreless minutes, it looked all but certain that the World Cup final between Germany and Argentina would be heading into penalties. But then Mario Gotze happened. Insert German screams usually reserved for the likes of David Hasselhoff here.

Argentina failed to respond in the game's final minutes, and Germany was crowned World Cup champions for the fourth time. German reserve Lukas Podolski celebrated the win accordingly and topically. Yup, he went all "lemme take a selfie" as he adorably posed with teammate Bastian Schweinsteiger.

Somehow he managed to upstage himself moments later when he took another shot with ... German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Now THAT'S impressive.

Your move, Barack Obama and Tim Howard.

No joy in Messi-ville

In perhaps the most bittersweet news ever, Lionel Messi was given the Golden Ball as the tournament's most outstanding player. While it clearly wasn't what the Argentinian superstar was hoping for, one might think he would be upbeat or at least NOT SUPER DEPRESSED about receiving the prestigious honor. You would be wrong. Messi walked to the podium and accepted his award looking as if someone just told him an adorable litter of puppies had gone missing.

King James in the house

Two days after announcing his return to Cleveland, LeBron James took his talents to Brazil to watch the World Cup final. Thus answering the "what does one do with a $21 million annual salary?" question. Needless to say, he was not sitting in the nosebleed section.

He even managed capture the adventures of a streaker in its entirety. Complete with screams of "OH!" and a security guard's tackle for your enjoyment.

Rihanna's true colors

Noted "GO ANYONE NOT CALLED THE UNITED STATES!" fan Rihanna was also in attendance at the match. And, despite rooting for several teams during the World Cup duration, the singer is apparently really a mega-huge German fan. How convenient! After the win, she called it "the best day of her life" and made her Twitter avatar a photo of herself in a German flag bathing suit.

And that concludes Rihanna's 2014 soccer coverage.

Out of this world

Even the Empire State Building got in on the celebration and turned gold, red and black on Sunday night to honor the German victory.

While thousands in New York were able to appreciate the color scheme, it likely didn't quite shine brightly enough to reach one devoted German fan. Watching all the way from the International Space Station, astronaut Alexander Gerst proved that calling it the "World Cup" might be an understatement.

Mo Martin flying high

Mo Martin, a former UCLA walk-on ranked 99th in the world, got an eagle on the 18th hole at the Royal Birkdale to win the British Open by one stroke on Sunday. It marked not only her first major victory but her first victory ever on the LPGA Tour. And yet somehow her incredible Cinderella story could have been even more magical as she was THIS close to an albatross on the final hole.

I may be going out on a limb here, but I think she'll find a way to get over that near-miss.

Katherine McCarron at last!

AJ McCarron and Katherine Webb -- America's 15th-favorite football player and reality star couple -- tied the knot over the weekend in Alabama. Complete with a 20-person wedding party and football helmet and pageant sashes as favors, the two reportedly hired an FBI detail to help protect their privacy. So, you know, just your average, low-key, down-home wedding. No big deal or anything. Webb, of course, immediately changed her last name to McCarron on her Twitter account and posted a picture of their wedding bands on Instagram. I'm starting to think Webb's definition of "privacy" might be a little different than the rest of us.

Andrew Wiggins: Remember me?

While that LeBron guy seems to be getting most of the headlines for the Cleveland Cavaliers lately, rookie Andrew Wiggins found a way during warm-ups of Sunday's Summer League game to remind NBA fans of his existence.

And now we remember why he was the No. 1 pick in the 2014 draft.

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