5 reasons to watch the 2014 ESPYS

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The 2014 ESPYS are almost upon us. What will be this year's big stories? D'Arcy Maine has a few ideas.

Kevin Durant! Maria Sharapova! Richard Sherman! Mikaela Shiffrin! Swaggy P! All of your favorite athletes in one place. Where is this magical oasis, you ask? Tonight's ESPYS awards, live from Los Angeles. And if that whole "EVERY SPORTS STAR EVER WILL BE IN ATTENDANCE!" factor isn't convincing enough, here are five more reasons to tune in to Wednesday's ceremony (9 p.m. ET on ESPN).

1. Drake

The "Degrassi" star-turned-international rapping sensation will be holding down hosting duties for the evening. Insert "started from the bottom, now's he here" joke. Although his lyrical prowess is well-documented, Drake proved he has some serious comedic chops in his recent "Saturday Night Live" hosting gig.

Here's to hoping another Lil Wayne impression is in our immediate future. If not, we know we can count on him to at least talk about one of his approximately 217 favorite teams.

2. Michael Sam and Stuart Scott

The two will be honored during the ceremony. Sam, who in May became the first openly gay football player to be selected in the NFL draft, will be receiving the Arthur Ashe Courage Award, and Scott, the "SportsCenter" host who has been publicly battling cancer, will take home the Jimmy V Perseverance Award.

If last year's speeches in these categories from Robin Roberts and Dick and Rick Hoyt are any indication, you're going to need to have a very large box of tissues handy.

3. The Mercer Bears

They really, really want to win the trophy for "Best Upset" for their shocking, first-round victory over the Duke Blue Devils in the NCAA tournament. How badly does the team want to win? Enough to buy a billboard in Atlanta looking for fan support.

And if Mercer edges out UConn and Chris Weidman for the title, you can bank on team member Kevin Canevari busting out his famed Nae Nae. That alone might be worth watching.

4. The fashion

With stylish stars such as Sharapova and Danica Patrick attending, the night will surely garner some kudos and attention from the fashion world. However, Joan Rivers will still likely have more than her fair share of fines to dole out on the next episode of "Fashion Police."

Although Russell Westbrook and any of his trout-themed shirts will sadly not be appearing, you can count on other bold athletes to try to out-Russ him with their red-carpet choices. UConn star Breanna Stewart even managed to jokingly channel her inner Oklahoma City Thunder guard in Tuesday's pre-show festivities.

Spoiler alert: She will not actually be wearing this outfit tonight. OR WILL SHE? I guess you'll just have to tune in to find out.

5. Two words: Lolo Jones

The hurdler-turned-bobsledder-turned hurdler and social media superstar will be in the building and likely tweeting and Instagramming every moment of the night. In fact, you don't even need to wait for the show to start, as Jones has been making her presence felt since the moment she landed in Los Angeles on Monday. Just ask Bruce Jenner.

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