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Want a sweet ending? It looks like Isaiah Austin will land a job with the Adam Silver and the NBA after all.

In case you were too busy Googling Naya Rivera's new husband who is not named Big Sean and missed out on sports, we've got you covered. Here's what everyone else was talking about last night.

Good job, Isaiah Austin

Former Baylor center Isaiah Austin had his NBA dreams dashed just days before last month's draft when he was diagnosed with Marfan syndrome. He still became the darling of the league after being ceremoniously selected by commissioner Adam Silver. And it turns out the move wasn't just for show. In easily the most "AWWWW"-inducing news of the day, Austin told that he had been offered a job with the NBA after he gets his degree.

While the role has yet to be defined, I think we can all agree this is pretty awesome. And a great excuse to watch the clip from the NBA draft again. IF YOU INSIST.

LeBron James: Let them eat cake

LeBron James: four-time MVP, two-time NBA champion, Olympic gold medalist and ... newest candidate for "Neighbor of the Month." After the hoopla of his Decision 2.0 brought hundreds of fans to his house in Bath Township, Ohio, LeBron and his wife, Savannah, had cupcakes delivered to their neighbors to apologize for the chaos.

Note to my neighbor who has set off fireworks every night for the past three weeks: My cupcakes must have gotten lost somewhere. I'll be here impatiently waiting for them until they arrive.

Joel Embiid sets sights on Rihanna

Philadelphia 76ers rookie Joel Embiid didn't get any playing time during the NBA Summer League due to his foot surgery, but that hasn't stopped him from making a name for himself. On Twitter, that is. After his failed attempt at recruiting LeBron James to his new team through social media, he turned his sights to Kim Kardashian. Obviously. Alas, his cries for her attention also went unanswered.

No matter, Embiid didn't have time to bother with that whole being rejected thing and he quickly refocused his efforts on a new paramour.

Rihanna has yet to respond, but you have to give him credit for trying. We now have approximately three hours before he unveils his next unrequited love.

Brunch with Bieber? Come on, KD!

In "NOOOOOOOOOO, PLEASE DON'T BE FRIENDS WITH HIM!" news, Kevin Durant and Justin Bieber had brunch together on Tuesday. That sound you're hearing is people groaning with disgust all over the country and shouting, "You're better than this, Kevin!" I'm going to pretend this is actually just a picture of the controversial pop star with a wax figure of the reigning MVP. I advise you to do the same.

Root, root, root for the Cubbies?

Musician Jack White was spotted at the San Diego Padres-Chicago Cubs game on Tuesday. He looked about as excited as anyone spotted at a Cubs game this season.

The Cubs actually won the game, 6-0. No word if that got a smirk or at least an eye roll from White.

And now, a special A-Rod salute

After just about every athlete and celebrity ever appeared in Nike's "Re2pect" ode to Derek Jeter last week, it was only a matter of time before the spoofs began. Fortunately, the wait was not long. "Funny or Die" released a parody perfectly summing up the feelings of New York fans toward Jeter's teammate Alex Rodriguez. Warning: There are as many middle fingers in this video as there were celebrities in the Jeter tribute, so it is not suitable for the workplace (unless you have a really cool boss) or children. Consider yourself warned.

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