Buzz That Was: Cheers for leading ladies

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Sometimes you just have to tip your hat. Well played, Queen Elizabeth, well played.

In case you were too busy calling Lauren Conrad "basic" and missed out on sports, we've got you covered. Here's what everyone else was talking about last night.

Queen of the photobomb

Move over, Ellen DeGeneres. We officially have a new frontrunner in the highly competitive "Selfie of the Year" race. Australian field hockey player Jayde Taylor was just hanging out at the Commonwealth Games, trying to snap an up-close photo with her teammate when THE QUEEN PHOTOBOMBED THEIR PICTURE.

Queen Elizabeth, FTW! There are no words that can properly describe the sheer beauty of this picture, but Prince William and Prince Harry should be very proud of their social-media-savvy grandmother. Could someone please get her on Instagram? Thanks in advance.

Rain men

During the fifth inning of Wednesday's Texas Rangers-New York Yankees game, play was halted due to a severe thunderstorm. The winds and rain were so heavy, the Yankee grounds crew was unable to do one of their basic functions and struggled to get the tarp over the infield.

The storm just came out of nowhere! Except for the radar maps, that is. There's a "how many crew members does it take ... ?" joke in here somewhere. Although we still don't actually have a clear answer. The ball boys even had to come out to help the cause.

It took over 13 minutes to finally cover the field. But the damage had already been done. After announcing a restart time shortly after, the field was ultimately deemed too dangerous to play on. The game was called, and the Yankees got credit for a 2-1 win. In the most unsurprising news of the day, Rangers manager Ron Washington wasn't thrilled.

Yankee grounds crew, you the real MVP!


After he was called up to the San Diego Padres on Wednesday, Jeff Francoeur's Triple-A teammates made him the victim of one more prank before he left. Think of it as a minor league baseball version of a going-away present. Earlier this season, the El Paso Chihuahuas convinced the former Gold Glove winner that pitcher Jorge Reyes was deaf, which resulted in an epic weeks-long prank, filmed -- of course -- for your enjoyment. While the latest edition isn't nearly as intricate, the team ganged up on poor Frenchy and locked him in the manager's bathroom for more than an hour. His reaction is priceless.

I have no idea how these guys will entertain themselves in his absence.

Dwyane Wade ducking the flop

While taking questions from campers at his Sports Academy with Brandon Marshall, Dwyane Wade was asked something that seemed to catch him off guard. The young and hilarious troll-in-the-making asked Wade why he flopped. Yes, you read that correctly.

Interestingly, Wade never seemed to answer the question so we are still left to wonder, "D-Wade, WHY DO YOU FLOP?" Thanks for trying, kid.

Sloane Stephens in good company

Sloane Stephens may yet to have a won a title on the WTA Tour, but that doesn't stop her from living a life much, much cooler than yours. Example No. 479: Stephens hung out with first lady Michelle Obama and first kids Malia and Sasha at a Washington Kastles World Team Tennis event this week. No big deal or anything.

Who needs titles when you've already got the first family as fans?

She's got Daddy's back

Just hours after Daniel Cormier was announced as Alexander Gustafsson's replacement to face Jon Jones at UFC 178 in September, the trash talk began. Jones sent a direct message on Twitter creepily saying, "I hope you're ready to come to daddy." Since Jones doesn't actually follow Cormier on the social network, the challenger was forced to publicly share the message and profanely responded. Jones then took their beef to a whole new level when he got his 6-year-old daughter involved.

Trash talking has never been so adorable. Cormier's 3-year-old son has yet to publicly respond.


Not hyped up for Sunday's Brickyard 400 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway just yet? Allow this hilarious and actual commercial for the race change that.

Don't forget to bring your chinchilla on Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

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