Socially speaking: LPGA's best

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Brittany Lang, Jaye Marie Green, Belen Mozo and Brittany Lincicome are all prolific social media users, but only two of the LPGA stars received honors in this month's edition.

With the summer behind us, we decided to take a look at some of the LPGA's best and brightest. In 140 characters or fewer and Earlybird filter usage, that is. Here are our favorite social media moments from August.

Brittany Lincicome | @Brittany1golf | Ranking: 28

Is there anything worse than having unkempt nails? Ugh no, right? Somehow poor Brittany Lincicome managed to put on a brave face -- and hands -- as she went out in public looking like this. Brace yourselves, people.

Thankfully, for humanity's sake, she found someone who was able to help her with her devastating ailment, and she emerged from the salon with an adorable, nautical-themed manicure. PHEW.

Karin Sjodin | @karin_sjodin | Ranking: 286

While members of the LPGA Tour possess many incredible talents, reading is apparently not one of them, as astutely observed by Karin Sjodin, potentially the only literate golfer on the tour.

Rules are just suggestions, right?

Michelle Wie | @TheMichelleWie | Ranking: 6

Michelle Wie may be sidelined from competition due to a finger injury, but that hasn't stopped her from doing what else she does best -- posting on social media and making money from endorsements. The U.S. Women's Open champ used some of her downtime to shoot a new ad for Nike. Channeling Michael Jordan, Her Airness got her "Jumpman" on in a Photoshopped work of art.

Angela Stanford | @Angela_Stanford | Ranking: 16

Angela Stanford found what looks to be the best retirement home EVER with this inspirational tweet. We can all hope to be so lucky to one day end up in a place like this.

Cindy LaCrosse | @CindyLaCrosse | Ranking: 321

Not everyone on the LPGA Tour can be a superstar. But it seems like a reasonable request for everyone to be introduced on the first tee at a tournament with their actual name. Right, Cindy LaChase, er LaCrosse?

Marina Alex | @Marina_Deee | Ranking: 193

Professional athletes push their body to the limit, working tirelessly to master their craft and advance to the highest levels of their sport. And they eat junk food in bed. Or at least Jane Park did one time, and it was captured and shared for all the world to see by Marina Alex.

Jane Park | @TheJanePark | Ranking: 96

You also probably think professional athletes are tough and manage to keep their emotions under control. Except, that is, when they read teen romance novels. Then all bets are off. Continuing to challenge athlete stereotypes, Jane Park posted her text conversation with Jessica Korda about "The Fault in Our Stars" and safe to say, they bawled their eyes out as much as you did.

Lexi Thompson | @Lexi | Ranking: 7

Lexi Thompson has better arms than you. That is all.

Daniela Iacobelli | @DIac1127 | Ranking: 460

Golfers are just like us, as evidenced by Daniela Iacobelli joining just about every 20-something woman in America on the Ariana Grande bandwagon. Apologies in advance if this gets "Problem" stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

Belen Mozo | @BelenMozo | Ranking: 116

No one has ever been happier to go to Trader Joe's than Belen Mozo. No one. And it surely has nothing to do with the endorsement deal she has with the grocery chain.

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