MLB playoffs offer drama, questions

Debby Wong/US Presswire

This year's ALDS hasn't been easy for Alex Rodriguez. But is he done?

Pumpkin spice lattes, leaves falling from the trees, snuggly scarves and the Yankees at the plate can only mean one thing: postseason baseball. As things start to get serious on the diamond, I'm sending some questions straight down the middle for the men of October.

Could the division series round feature any more drama?

After the Game 5 performance by Justin Verlander, is he or Triple Crown-winning teammate Miguel Cabrera the Tigers' MVP?

Who else wants the Yankees to go deep in the postseason just for the entertaining headlines in the New York tabloids?

Are bitter Braves fans even watching the playoffs?

How did you like the two wild-card format?

Can a World Series win in New York quiet Tebowmania?

Two benchings and now we are sending A-Rod to the retirement home. Really?

Did you think Nationals fans would like to see ace Stephen Strasburg on the mound for Game 5?

Why is Pete Rose hating on Derek Jeter?

Didn't it hurt to see Chipper Jones' final game marred by controversy and flying Coke cans?

Is former Yankees and current Orioles manager Buck Showalter using this series as a grudge match against his former employer?

Guess the Giants didn't need Melky Cabrera to overcome a 2-0 deficit in the NLDS?

Can stadium disc jockeys play "Enter Sandman" for old-time's sake, since Mariano Rivera and his entrance music will not be present for the first time in more than a decade?

Was it a good or bad idea for Joe Girardi to be managing the Yankees the same day his father died?

History says, 16 out of 23 times, whichever league wins the World Series indicates who will win the presidential election. Does this change which team you are rooting for?

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