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This week's topic: What's your take on Danica Patrick trying to wreck Landon Cassill at Kansas Speedway?

Patrick spun Cassill out in retaliation for what she believed was overly aggressive driving on Cassill's part in Sunday's Hollywood Casino 400. She took Cassill out all right, but she ended up crashing herself, ending her day. Cassill finished the race and ended up 18th. Patrick completed only 154 of the 267 laps, finishing 32nd.

"I let frustration get to me, but I also think that I have to stand up for myself," Patrick said postrace.

So what say you, NASCAR Nation? Did Danica overreact? Or was she justified?

Now have at it …

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The best from ESPN Conversations

•  BigBlueCat89 -- No, she wasn't justified in any way to try and straight up wreck Cassill. She needs to learn the degrees of acceptable payback. You don't wreck somebody for bumping you door-to-door, you just bump him back if it bothered you. Also, she's mistaken if she thinks that's the way to earn respect in the garage. Trying to wreck everybody who touches you on the track is only a ticket to a bad reputation.

•  Thizboy27 -- Did Cassill deserve the payback? Sure. Was Danica justified? Of course, since any other driver (Stewart, the Busch Brothers, and any other competitive racer racing today) would've done the same only better. Which is why it's both funny (in that it was a failed attempt) and a learning situation for Danica. Justified motive but poor execution.

•  01AMGFan -- Let's be honest; is it justifiable to wreck ANY competitor in retaliation? Not really, but it happens. There is no logic in pay back, it's how the offending driver feels in the cockpit, and emotions can get the better of drivers. That said, Danica does need to learn how to definitively dump someone, rather than take herself out. Guys like Stewart, Harvick, Kyle Busch, Montoya and others know payback without wrecking themselves. Drivers get aggravated at seemingly little, I don't have a problem with that. However, if you're going to wreck someone, at least do it decisively, Danica made herself look like a fool afterwards, unfortunately. That said, Danica is not the first driver to intentionally wreck somebody and get collected, and won't be the last.

• FVSU_Wildcat900 -- what I dont understand is that guys like Kevin Harvick and Kurt Busch have been parked for intentionally wrecking people. Why isn't Danica being parked or at least fined for doing something that could have resulted in her and Cassill being seriously hurt?

•  Labatt22 -- This is the problem with Danica's situation. Most drivers learn the art of payback at a young age on a local short track with a few hundred fans watching. In her case she learned (another) big lesson on a huge stage with millions watching thus setting herself up for this kind of debate. She really does need a few more seasons in Nationwide before making this jump.

• bluescreen73 -- Danica didn't take Landon out, she took herself out. Instead of getting miffed at every little perceived slight, maybe she should concentrate on learning how to be competitive in a stock car.

•  4112MARK -- It was wrong but she does need to learn how to move somebody without taking herself out. I laughed so hard when she did that.

•  paloombo3 -- Zippy said it best, you know better. But, does she?

•  arrogantespncommenter9 -- Intending to wreck someone because they're racing you too hard for 25th place is unjustified no matter what. Welcome to Sprint Cup, Danica. Nobody on the track is going to go easy on you and they shouldn't. Oh by the way, intentonally wrecking somebody in the corners at 190 mph is very dangerous and should be grounds for a fine or even a suspension. If I were Danica I'd be extremely embarrassed.

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