Tipping off the NBA with questions

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Maybe Andrew Bynum doesn't know his way around Philadelphia yet. Someone needs to point him to a good barber.

Because of the lockout, this time last year we were wondering if there would be an NBA season. So this year we should be even more thankful than usual for 94 feet of hardwood, penetration into the paint, 82 games and even the occasional technical foul, because they mean one thing: The NBA is back. As the preseason winds down and we get set for tipoff Oct. 30, I have some roundball questions that need answering.

Did Andrew Bynum have a hard time finding a good barber in Philly?

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From left, Paul Pierce, Rajon Rondo and Kevin Garnett of the Celtics definitely don't consider Ray Allen one of the cool kids anymore.

How touching was Larry Fitzgerald shaving Kevin Love's hair in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

If Delonte West doesn't rejoin the Dallas Mavericks, could he become persona non grata in the league?

Did casual NBA fans know that commissioner-in-waiting Adam Silver had another job besides announcing selections during the second round of the draft?

After Rajon Rondo claimed Ray Allen is dead to him and Kevin Garnett said he doesn't have Allen's phone number, are the Boston Celtics the new Mean Girls of the NBA?

How much do you love the new, fun, prankster Jason Terry on the Celtics?

Can the Chicago Bulls' bench mob hold on until Derrick Rose returns?

Now that the Mavericks have claimed 7-footer Eddy Curry off waivers, is he the living testament to the theory that you can't teach height?

Since the New York Knicks are the oldest team in the NBA, will Centrum Silver sponsor timeouts at their games?

Given the new no-flopping rule, should Paul Pierce and Manu Ginobili just retire?

Will Blake Griffin be able to score more than two inches from the basket this season?

When will you get tired of the "This is the first (fill in the blank) for the Brooklyn Nets" talk?

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