Big East won't have divisions in '13

The Big East will have a 10-team league this fall without divisions after Boise State and San Diego State decided to remain in the Mountain West, sources told ESPN.

Those defections forced the Big East to scrap its planned home-and-away opponents, which was announced in December. A new list of opponents was released on Friday.

League members will play eight Big East games, facing every school except one. Big East teams that will not play each other in 2013: UCF and Cincinnati; UConn and Houston; Louisville and SMU; Memphis and Rutgers; and USF and Temple.

Six Big East schools were scheduled to play both Boise State and San Diego State and had both games replaced in the new schedule.

The biggest beneficiary of the new matchups appears to be Louisville, which is expected to be a preseason top-10 team next season. Instead of playing at Boise State and hosting San Diego State, Louisville will play at Temple and host Houston.

Every school's conference opponents were altered by the new schedule with the exception of USF.

Instead of playing the Broncos and Aztecs, Temple plays Cincinnati and Louisville; SMU plays Rutgers and Cincinnati; Memphis plays UCF and UConn; Houston plays Cincinnati and Louisville; Louisville plays Temple and Houston; and Cincinnati plays SMU and Temple.

Game dates are expected to be announced in a few months, but the team's home and away opponents are as follows: UCF:
Home: UConn, Houston, Rutgers, USF.
Away: Louisville, Memphis, SMU, Temple.

Home: UConn, Louisville, SMU, Temple.
Away: Houston, Memphis, Rutgers, USF.

Home: Louisville, Memphis, Rutgers, USF.
Away: UCF, Cincinnati, SMU, Temple.

Home: Cincinnati, Memphis, SMU, USF.
Away: UCF, Louisville, Rutgers, Temple.

Home: UCF, Houston, Memphis, Rutgers.
Away: Cincinnati, UConn, USF, Temple.

Home: UCF, Cincinnati, SMU, Temple.
Away: UConn, Houston, Louisville, USF.

Home: Cincinnati, Houston, USF, Temple.
Away: UCF, UConn, Louisville, SMU.

Home: UCF, UConn, Rutgers, Temple.
Away: Cincinnati, Houston, Memphis, USF.

Home: Cincinnati, Louisville, Memphis, SMU.
Away: UCF, UConn, Houston, Rutgers.

Home: UCF, UConn, Houston, Louisville.
Away: Cincinnati, Memphis, Rutgers, SMU.

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