TWSS: Hogan undies, QB Cheez-Its, oh my!

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Want these stitches? Restaurateur Grant DePorter paid $6,500 for Andrew Shaw's threads from the 2013 Stanley Cup finals.

Karen Shemonsky. Bob Colleary. Curt Mueller.

All three of them are famous for their famously odd purchases. Shemonsky paid $8,000 for Ty Cobb's dentures, Colleary dished out $8,500 to own Bill Veeck's wooden leg and Mueller spent an even $10,000 on Luis Gonzalez's old chewed-up wad of gum.

On Sunday night, Grant DePorter, the CEO of Harry Caray's Restaurant Group, joined this group of oddball collectors. DePorter was the winning bidder in an eBay auction for the stitches sewn into (and later removed from) Chicago Blackhawks forward Andrew Shaw's face.

DePorter's previous purchases have included Sammy Sosa's corked bat and the infamous "Steve Bartman ball," but this item may take the cake for the most unusual piece of sports memorabilia to grace his restaurant's walls.

Shaw required the stitches after taking a puck to the face in Game 6 of the 2013 Stanley Cup finals, a game the Blackhawks went on to win in dramatic fashion. (Doesn't get much more dramatic than two goals within 17 seconds late in the third period, does it?) The image of Shaw, his newly stitched face bleeding as he hoisted the Cup, was one of the most memorable shots to come out of the Hawks' second championship in four years.

The $6,500 DePorter spent on the mounted, framed and hermetically sealed stitches will benefit the V Foundation for Cancer Research. The stitches, along with a signed photo of Shaw's championship moment, will be on display at Harry Caray's Tavern at Navy Pier.

Are you bummed that this bunch of blood-crusted face threads didn't end up on your wall? Fear not, there are plenty of unusual items out there still available for unique fans like you.

I didn't spot any dentures or wooden legs, but you gotta start somewhere ...

Courtesy eBay

Bahhhhhhhh! Beware of the doll! Anyone else thinking, "Redrum, Redrum"?!

Muhammad Ali "The Champ" Afro Pick (click to view)

If you wanna float like a butterfly and pick like a champ, then you have to get this vintage Muhammad Ali afro pick. This never-been-opened gem would look great on a shelf, on your wall or -- even better -- as a neat surprise for those nosy looky-loos peeking in your medicine cabinet.

Troy Aikman Cheez-It Crackers Box

Talk about cheesy! Get a load of Aikman's grin on this 2006 box of Cheez-Its. The former Cowboys star-turned-analyst could be sending that smile your way if you're the highest bidder. And at the low, low, low price of $6.99 (plus $7.00 shipping and handling!), this looks like a steal.

Ring-Worn Hulk Hogan Undies

If you've gotten so rich that even dropping a hundo on a new pair of Agent Provocateur knickers doesn't thrill you anymore, then this item is for you, money bags. A $7,500 pair of Hulk Hogan's old ring-worn granny panties, complete with a signature from the man himself on the derriere. Get a good whiff! You can still smell the blood, sweat and comically dramatized tears. (I'm sure you can smell a few other things, too, but I'll save that joyful discovery for the winning bidder.)

Creepy-Ass Doll

I'm not even going to do this thing justice by calling it a "Dallas Cowboys Junior Cheerleader Doll." It's terrifying, oddly asexual and, without a doubt, will come alive in the middle of the night and stab you to death. The only thing that could scar your Cowboys-loving child more than this doll is watching an endless loop of Tony Romo's botched hold in the 2006 playoffs.

Steelers Nose Mitten

Continuing with our theme of creepy-ass stuff, I present to you a Pittsburgh Steelers "nose mitten." The idea that one would wear a single-mitten finger (complete with pompom) on one's nose is odd enough, but the presentation of this particular nose mitten is downright horrifying. This mannequin must be returned to the set of whatever adult film/Stanley Kubrick movie from which it was stolen. (Plus, what are the odds this weird nose mitten-maker never tested it out by warming up any other extremities? You better wash it before you wear it, friend.)

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