No masking this misplaced hatred

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Injured Giants running back David Wilson has been hopping and bopping around Manhattan in a bizarre get-up.

In case you were too busy convincing that one friend not to aspire to a Kim/Kanye-style proposal, here's the best of the email and Twitter fodder you missed from the sports world and beyond.

Haters are just fans in denial

Forbes magazine released its annual list of the most disliked players in the NFL this week. For the fourth straight year, Eagles quarterback Michael Vick sits on top. Despite having completed his prison sentence four years ago and becoming a respected advocate for ending dog fighting and animal cruelty since his release, America can't seem to forget about his past indiscretions. But cheer up, Mikey. Sixty percent of the 1,100 polled disliked you in 2012 and only 53 percent this year. So at this rate, maybe by the time you're ready to retire, you could be the third-most disliked player in the league! So there's that.

Several other names on the list seem equally out of touch. Manti Te'o took the No. 2 spot. Lennay Kekua I could understand, but hating the guy who got publicly humiliated by a catfish situation? Way harsh, America. Not to mention Patriots quarterback Tom Brady at No. 8. Clearly there is no better time to reference Joanna Krupa's "Real Housewives of Miami" intro line. Don't hate him because he has it all; hate him because he's beautiful.

I'm sure when he's lounging with his Uggs on in his $20 million, moat-surrounded mansion with Gisele, he's so concerned that 25 percent of fans don't like him.

Like all injured players do with their time off…

Worried about the Giants' running game? Injured running back David Wilson doesn't seem to be. Despite being sidelined since Week 5 with a neck injury, Wilson was most concerned Sunday about finding a Starbucks in Times Square -- while wearing a rabbit mask. It seems hard to believe that Wilson gets recognized so frequently on the streets of New York that's he unable to order a caffeinated treat without dressing like something that … would get him even more attention. I truly have no answers here.

Warning: This Instagram video is not suitable for those who still believe in the Easter Bunny, those who are forever scarred from the unforgettable "True Life: I'm a Furry" on MTV or those who would like to see the New York Giants win another game this season.

Flipping out, and not in a Lindsay Lohan kind of way

If you're into videos that make you simultaneously question your vision, counting skills and athletic ability, you are going to LOVE this clip of high school cheerleader Mikayla Clark. The junior at Westlake High in Atlanta seemingly woke up one day and decided to break the Guinness World Record for consecutive handsprings, and break it she did. Clark officially did an astounding 44 back handsprings (although the video counts 46) and somehow manages to make it look easy. While you watch this, I'm going to go practice my somersault. Sigh.

Breaking news: No one is happy on the Bucs because, duh

Between the Josh Freeman saga, the MRSA outbreak and that whole not-winning-a-game thing, it's a not exactly a great time to be on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. And it seems like it's even worse than we could have imagined. An anonymous former player told's Mike Silver that playing for head coach Greg Schiano was "worse than you can imagine, it's like being in Cuba." While I'm assuming this player has never actually been to Cuba (because that's pretty much illegal, pal), that has to be the ultimate insult in heavily Cuban-populated Florida.

It's not just the players who seem frustrated with Schiano. A local radio station found a public way to express its feelings on the topic, with a brake-stomping billboard.

So, they don't like Schiano? Don't take it personally, Coach. If you could figure out a way to win some games or at least keep players from getting infections, they might come around.

Too bad this guy isn't even a fan of the Red Sox or Cardinals…

Erik Jabs, apparently the luckiest guy on the planet, found a ticket for Wednesday's Game 1 of the World Series on StubHub for a whopping $6. His find instantly went viral after he shared his story with Deadspin. And then the Debbie Downers over at StubHub had to go and spoil his thunder and publicly state that the ticket was a fake. The Pittsburgh-area resident and Pirates fan was told his money would be refunded.

As expected, the Internet was not pleased with this development. StubHub, presumably seeing a public relations nightmare on its hands, ended up being all like "hold upppp" and issued Jabs a ticket in a comparable section to the game. The Boston Business Journal reported that the average ticket price for a World Series game at Fenway on the secondary market is $1,704. Or $1,698 more than what Jabs paid.

The moral of the story? Troll StubHub daily, purchase fake-looking tickets for a low price, get Internet famous, receive better tickets, enjoy game with $1,600 more in your pocket than everyone around you.

She could almost buy a World Series ticket with this!

As predicted by absolutely no one, the Kansas City Chiefs are the last remaining unbeaten team in the NFL. And if you're still looking for reasons to root for the regular season's Cinderella darlings, all you need to do is take a look at the tip linebacker Tamba Hali left for his waitress on Sunday night while rejoicing over the team's victory against the Texans.

Hali left an additional $1,000 gratuity on top of the $296.69 that was included. The 85 percent tip, or almost the cost of one World Series ticket on the secondary market, brought the total to close to $3,000. Have to assume every restaurant in the Kansas City area is rooting for this team to keep its perfect season alive so these celebrations continue.

It's all about the Benjamins

Rapper, mogul, TV channel owner, Ciroc vodka-paid enthusiast and frequent name changer Sean "Diddy" Combs told Bloomberg TV on Monday that he hopes to own an NFL team in the near future. Take that, Jay Z!

Because being a player/agent clearly isn't enough, Diddy explained his dream in detail to the network.

"I love sports, but I'm more of an owner type of guy, so I have aspirations to become -- which it will happen -- I will become the first African-American majority owner. Not having a small stake but actually owning an NFL team. I think it's time for that. A majority of players that are in the NFL are African-American, but there are no African-American owners. So that's one of my dreams."

Whether or not you think Diddy would make a good owner, we can call agree to be thankful that there never will be a "Bad Boy Sports" agency. And I, for one, would be a dedicated viewer of the inevitable "Making the Team" reality show in which aspiring players participate in skill and dance contests and walk over the Brooklyn Bridge for cheesecake. Bad Boy for life!

Battle of the bands

While the trash talk between the Red Sox and the Cardinals has been minimal so far, members of the Boston and St. Louis Symphonies do enough for everyone.

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