ICYMI: There's no crying in baseball?

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The Cardinals' Kolten Wong probably wishes he could disappear after he was tagged out by Boston first baseman Mike Napoli on a pickoff play to end Game 4 of the World Series.

Got your haunted hayride on and missed the entire day in sports? Have no fear, we've got you covered. Here's everything you missed last night.

Stranger by the game

One day after a controversial obstruction call, Sunday night's Game 4 of the World Series finished with a pickoff play -- like we all predicted, of course. The Boston Red Sox evened the series, 2-2, against the St. Louis Cardinals in what can only be described as one the strangest postseason series ever. With a 4-2 lead in the ninth, Red Sox reliever Koji Uehara picked off Cardinals pinch runner Kolten Wong at first base for the final out. Carlos Beltran was left aimlessly standing at the plate, watching his Game 4 dreams dance away in the distance.

Wong was reportedly crying in the clubhouse after the game. And now everyone loves his passion and heart, because he plays for the Cardinals. Thankfully, he dried his tears enough to send an apologetic tweet to fans and because THERE'S NO CRYING IN BASEBALL. I learned that from Tom Hanks.

Losing it

In arguably Sunday's best football game, the Detroit Lions stormed back in the final minute to defeat the Dallas Cowboys 31-30. Calvin Johnson showed exactly why he's called "Megatron" with a near-record-setting 329 receiving yards, second most in NFL history. Sadly, however, the most-talked about moments of the game on social media did not invovle Johnson or quarterback Matt Stafford's winning touchdown. America's favorite hothead Dez Bryant takes that claim. The Cowboys wide receiver made headlines for sideline confrontations (read: one-way screaming matches) with a coach and with teammates Tony Romo and Jason Witten, in separate incidents.

Bryant called his passion "all positive" when speaking with reporters after the game. He also humbly said he's the "nicest person off the field." One look at anyone's face during these, ahem, "positive" interactions might lead you to think otherwise. On the plus side for Bryant, we are talking more about him today than Johnson. So there's that. Guessing it's not exactly in the way he had in mind, however.

Here's to hoping Bryant calmed down before boarding the team charter flight back to Dallas. Otherwise, it must have been a very uncomfortable flight for whoever got stuck sitting next to him. WHY DIDN'T YOU PASS ME MY DINNER? LEARN HOW TO PASS! That's at least how I assume this scenario would go.

Serena, sans snark

Serena Williams ended her stellar tennis year with -- what else? -- another win. Williams topped Li Na 2-6, 6-3, 6-0 for her second straight WTA Championship and her 11th title of 2013. So all and all, an OK year.

Her top sponsor, Nike, put together a handy, made-for-Twitter photo look of her incredible season.

I like to add snarky things whenever possible but when you have a year like Serena did, you get to just enjoy your moment, snark free.

Princely appearance

Seems fitting to end today's piece with my favorite athlete Halloween costume of the weekend. Thank you, Serge Ibaka!

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