Buzz That Was: Thrown for a loop

AP Photo/Ben Margot

That's right, the name "Nick Foles" is now in the record books after the Eagles backup threw for seven touchdowns.

Missed out on sports last night as you tried to pick your jaw up from off the floor from "The Walking Dead" ending (Carol?!?)? Have no fear, we've got you covered. Here's everything you missed last night.

Believe it, Peyton

Just like everyone predicted, Philadelphia Eagles QB Nick Foles tied an NFL record with SEVEN TOUCHDOWN PASSES on Sunday. I know, I know. You totally called that. In a 49-20 rout of the Oakland Raiders, the backup QB decided to give a scare to injured starter Michael Vick. Just how effective was he? Vick's oft controversial and Twitter-enthusiast brother, Marcus, didn't even bother going on social media on Sunday. So now you know it's serious.

The seven touchdown passes -- more than the Jaguars, Raiders and Vikings have thrown all season -- matched Peyton Manning's Week 1 performance against the Ravens. Naturally everyone had some thoughts on how Manning was probably reacting to the news.

High-and-dry five

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots offense returned to their old dominant form on Sunday in a 55-31 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers. Brady threw for a season-high 432 yards and four touchdowns in the win. Sure, he's no Nick Foles, but you would think his teammates would want to give him a high-five. You would be wrong. Brady was left hanging, prompting a ridiculous face and awkward moment that instantly won the Internet with an immediate slew of videos, pictures and tweets.

Hitting their shots

Jay Pharoah and Kenan Thompson brought their best Shaquille O'Neal and Charles Barkley impressions to the Weekend Update desk on "Saturday Night Live." It was, you know, not turrible.

The running dead

Actress Pamela Anderson and her adorable new pixie cut ran the New York City Marathon on Sunday. Turns out all those years of running in that red bathing suit paid off as she finished the race in 5:41:03. She returned to her hotel room, 26.2. miles later, and reacted exactly like just about anyone would.

I'm tired just reading about the marathon, so I can't imagine how people who actually ran must be feeling.

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