Buzz That Was: Queasy feeling

AP Photo/Morry Gash

Jay Cutler and Aaron Rodgers don’t bring as much excitement to the Bears-Packers rivalry when they’re wearing street clothes.

Missed out on sports last night because you were too excited about voting day? Have no fear, we've got you covered. Here's everything you missed last night.

Pain and panic

The Green Bay Packers hosted their NFC North rival the Chicago Bears on "Monday Night Football," so all the fans who paid a premium price for tickets must have been thrilled to watch quarterbacks Seneca Wallace and Josh McCown battle it out. Wallace replaced Aaron Rodgers, who was injured on the game's opening series, and McCown continued his substitution duties for the sidelined Jay Cutler. Ultimately the injury-depleted Bears defeated the even more injury-depleted Packers 27-20. It's that time of year, folks!

As if the loss weren't enough, the Packers reportedly will be without Rodgers for three weeks after initial tests showed he suffered a small fracture in his collarbone. Naturally, all Packers fans reacted something like this on Twitter.

The internet outside of Green Bay also reacted accordingly.

Class action

It's a well-documented fact that St. Louis Cardinals fans are great, classy, model citizens, the best thing since sliced bread, blah, blah, blah. It's mentioned 15 times during every nationally broadcast game. However, as of this morning, we can count one more admirer of the fan base: the Boston Red Sox. Less than a week after the Red Sox beat the Cardinals for the World Series title, the champs decided to continue their "See, we're totally different from the fried chicken-and-beer team or that Bobby V guy" tour and took out a full-page advertisement in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch thanking the city, the team and the fans.

On behalf of Red Sox fans everywhere, WHO ARE THE CLASSY ONES NOW, PUNKS? I kid, I kid. Golf claps all around, baseball fans.

Heavy metal heaven

ESPN's own John Clayton broke Twitter yesterday after he posed for a photo with members of Slayer. Clayton, if you recall, is a die-hard fan of the band and he lives with his mom, eats Chinese food and has a flowing locks of curly, luscious hair. The star of the most-epic "SportsCenter" commercial ever went to Slayer's show in Seattle on Sunday night and the rest is Internet history.

A save and a beauty

On the plus side, Kentucky freshman guard James Young can't seem to miss a shot. On the not-so-plus side, even on his team's own basket. In the Wildcats' preseason exhibition against Division II Montevallo on Monday, Young tried to save a loose ball from going out of bounds, flung it behind his back and ... directly into Kentucky's hoop. It was easily the most impressive two points scored by Montevallo all game.

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