Buzz That Was: Feasting on MSG

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Kemba Walker's 25-point performance at his person playground, Madison Square Garden, on Tuesday night gave Charlotte fans a very rare chance to smile.

Missed out on watching sports because you were too busy mourning Jennifer Aniston's hair? Have no fear, we've got you covered. Here's everything you missed last night.

Walker's personal playground

Charlotte Bobcats guard and UConn living legend Kemba Walker proved for the 349834th time that Madison Square Garden is his playground. Walker, a Bronx native, scored 25 points in Tuesday night's 102-97 win over the Knicks despite suffering a shoulder injury in the third quarter. It was just the latest chapter in his storied legacy at the World's Most Famous Arena, which started when he was in high school. The oft-disappointed Bobcats fans obviously let their excitement be heard on social media as the team improved to 2-2.

Like many UConn fans probably, I promised the basketball gods that I would name my future child "Kemba" if the Huskies won the 2011 NCAA title. So obviously I need him to continue to be successful so my kid won't be named after an NBA punch line.

Bringing home the bacon

In a story that will decidedly make your arteries hurt or get you to consider enrolling in a class, the Kansas State women’s basketball team has promised free bacon to students who attend the season opener against Tennessee State on Friday. That is not a typo. WE’RE TALKING ABOUT FREE BACON HERE, PEOPLE! SOUND THE BACON ALARM!

Admission was already free, so now students can enjoy a basketball game and get breakfast for the weekend. If Kansas State students are anything like all other college students in America, after they see "free" and "food" in the same sentence, there won’t be an empty seat in the (diner-scented) arena.

They'll ask LeBron anything

The Miami Heat defeated the Toronto Raptors, 104-95, on Tuesday night at the Air Canada Centre. LeBron James became the fifth player in NBA history to score 10-plus points in 500 consecutive games. And while that's great and all, that's not the reason I'm mentioning this game. Unless you were living in a cold and dark cave that didn't have Wi-Fi yesterday, you probably heard quotes and snippets from Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's news conference in which he admitted to using crack cocaine. It was entertaining for presumably everyone who wasn't relying on Ford to make decisions about their city's well-being.

A local Toronto reporter decided to ask LeBron before the game his thoughts on the situation. The reigning MVP was unaware of the issue but asked Cathal Kelly several questions once he heard that whole "crack" part and explained his interest in this topic was piqued because he watches "Breaking Bad." OK then.

I can't wait until a reporter tries to ask Lamar Odom about his thoughts on the issue.

Very continental

Because his resume just wasn't impressive enough, Tiger Woods set out to prove that he could hit a golf ball across continents on Tuesday. In Turkey for the Turkish Airlines Open, Tiger stood in the middle of the temporarily closed, six-lane Bosphorus Bridge and hit balls from Europe into Asia. You know, just your typical day at the office.

Fame and misfortune

America's favorite, only "JEAH!" enthusiast, Ryan Lochte, suffered a torn MCL and sprained ACL on Tuesday after a teenage fan jumped on him and he fell to the floor. Of course. If that's the enthusiasm for an Olympic swimmer, I have no idea how Justin Bieber and those One Directioners are still standing.

With a forced break from swimming because of the injury and an indefinite absence from his canceled reality show due to his, um, verbal skills, here's to hoping Lochte uses his newfound free time to do countless media interviews or photo shoots in which he isn't required to speak.

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