Buzz That Was: The Rob Ryan edition

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Saints defensive coordinator Rob Ryan soaks in the win Sunday against the Dallas Cowboys, the team that fired at the end of last season.

In case you were in total panic mode over the Governor's return on "The Walking Dead" and blacked out everything else that happened over the weekend, we've got you covered. Here's everything you missed.

Rob Ryan, for the people

The New Orleans Saints absolutely embarrassed the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday night with a 49-17 victory at the Superdome. It was a huge night for the Saints, as they set an NFL record with 40 first downs and a franchise record of 625 total yards.

While Drew Brees and the seven players who scored a touchdown were obviously thrilled with the win, no one could have been happier than the team's defensive coordinator Rob Ryan. Fired from the Cowboys at the end of last season, Ryan and his flowing gray locks clearly had a personal agenda against the team who did him wrong.

To celebrate the win, Ryan -- being the man of the people that he is -- took to a local dive bar to buy drinks for fans. While I personally might prefer hair tips instead of booze from Ryan, the adoring patrons were pretty excited. Because it's 2013, many of them immediately posted on social media about the free drink. Note to old men: This does not now mean it's acceptable to creepily buy women drinks at the bar. This is ONLY OK if you're famous. (See: Nicholson, Jack)

And just when it seemed the night couldn't get better for the Silver Fox, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones told reporters after the game that he has had second thoughts about Ryan's dismissal. You go, Rob Ryan!

Riding in style … sort of

If you were looking for yet another reason why the U.S. women's soccer team is cooler than you, this is the story for you. After practice at the Citrus Bowl in Orlando on Saturday to prepare for Sunday's friendly against Brazil, the team bus broke down, leaving them stranded at the stadium.

Because calling a cab is just too boring for social media reasons, the ladies did exactly what their mothers presumably told them never to do, and hitchhiked. Some lucky fans drove Sydney Leroux, Alex Morgan, Abby Wambach, Hope Solo and Carli Lloyd back to their hotel. Naturally, everyone documented the adventure on Twitter.

And while this backup transportation plan was pretty much the greatest thing ever, it turns out it wasn't Morgan and Leroux's first choice.

To top off their entertaining weekend, the team defeated Brazil 4-1 to finish 2013 with a perfect record. I can only imagine how the fun-loving bunch celebrated the accomplishment.

No comment

Because nothing could possibly go wrong with trying to capitalize on a highly sensitive and contentious topic, Spirit Airlines decided to email customers a picture of a man in a Dolphins helmet with the phrase, "Don't be bullied by high fares. Fly Incognito out of Florida." This actually happened.

Did you see that?

As the eyes of the world begin to turn to Russia for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, the country's national hockey team decided to set the bar high on what we can expect from the country over the coming months.

Alex Ovechkin, Evgeni Malkin and the rest of the gang channeled their inner 1980s-level cheesiness and made -- wait for it -- a music video. A perfect, fantastic, awe-inspiring music video. It's like the "Super Bowl Shuffle" minus the Super Bowl and the Shuffle.

I have no absolutely no idea what they're saying so hopefully I didn't just post some sort of Vladimir Putin-propaganda anthem.

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