Buzz That Was: Stolen Thunder

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"Great win for the squad." Well that sums it up. Might we nominate Andre Iguodala for understatement of the year?

In case you were too busy watching the Rob Ford/Chris Farley mashup video on repeat and missed everything going on in the sports world, we've got you covered. Here's everything you missed.

That shot deserves a high-five! Or… not

With 2.3 seconds to go, fashion icon Russell Westbrook nailed a 3 to give the Oklahoma City Thunder a 115-114 lead over the Golden State Warriors and the win… PSYCH! Somehow, in a five-weeks-to-Christmas miracle, Andre Iguodala managed an absolutely ridiculous baseline fadeaway as time expired to give the Warriors a 116-115 victory. To quote the great Gwen Stefani, it was bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S.

Your thoughts on one of the biggest shots of your career, Andre?

Oh. Well, that's a slightly more subdued reaction than EVERYONE ELSE ON THE PLANET had. Then again, Iguodala wasn't even able to properly high-five after the dramatic shot.

Don't plan on this ever happening again

For one -- and probably only one -- magical night, it actually paid off to be that guy who camped out in line for three days to buy a PlayStation. While at a Dallas Walmart (disregard Best Buy mention below) as the clock struck midnight looking to score a coveted PS4 for himself, passionate Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant decided to share his wealth and bought the device for several people in line.

No word on if he bought some for Tony Romo and Jason Witten or any of the offensive coaching staff.

Your move, Maria Sharapova

Serena Williams took some not-so-subtle jabs at her exotic-picture-posting peers on Thursday with a #NoDaysOff-themed humblebrag. Serena and her sister Venus are apparently too busy to take a vacation because they are completing their world domination or something.

After a series of these tweets, Serena then announced she needed a vacation. I'm confused.

Cueing Roger Goodell …

In great news for the people of Indiana and my pathetic excuse of a fantasy team, Donald Brown led the Indianapolis Colts to a 30-27 win over the Tennessee Titans last night. And while the game was surprisingly good for the typically "Is there anything else on TV right now?" Thursday night game, all the talk on social media was about a second-quarter scuffle between Colts linebacker Erik Walden and Titans tight end Delanie Walker. After ripping Walker's helmet off, Walden then proceeded to head-butt the helmet-less Walker. That's pretty much the ultimate no-no in the sport.

Somewhere out there, probably perusing Twitter with his son, Matt Barnes is thinking, "and THAT guy didn't get ejected?"

You can't do this

Harlem Globetrotters star Thunder Law broke the Guinness World Record on Thursday for making the longest basketball shot. From 109 feet and 9 inches. That is not a typo. You need to see this one to believe it.

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