Ten fantasy moves to make or avoid for Week 2

Week 1 is over and ouch; it hurt. No, not just for Cowboys fans but also for Marques Colston (broken collarbone), Danny Amendola (dislocated elbow), Kevin Walter (bruised shoulder/collarbone), Nate Kaeding (torn ACL) and numerous other players expected to miss significant time. If you own any of them in fantasy, you must get active to keep your title hopes alive.

If you're sitting pretty atop your fantasy leaderboard with guys like Aaron Rodgers, Ray Rice, the resurrected Steve Smith in Carolina and a roster of the uninjured, consider yourself lucky and try not to gloat. Everyone else, which is most of us, will be scouring this week's waiver wire for fantasy Band-Aids. Here are some guys that just may stop the bleeding and some who should be kept far away from your roster.

Pick up: Cam Newton, Carolina, QB

Cam Newton is not JaMarcus Russell. If you need a quarterback (hello, Peyton Manning owners), look no further than Newton. Don't expect 422 yards and three touchdowns every week, but have confidence that the Panthers' playbook contains lots of big plays for Newton, particularly to Smith. It's also nice to have a quarterback who's a fearless runner. The Panthers next face the talented secondary of the Packers, who despite their struggles against Drew Brees could pose problems for the rookie quarterback. So you may opt to sit Newton for a week. But get him while you can.

Pick up: Rex Grossman, Washington, QB

Believe me, a few years ago I thought I had a better shot at George Clooney than typing "pick up Rex Grossman" into a fantasy advice column. But here we are. Grossman looked legitimate Sunday with 305 yards, two touchdowns and a 110.5 passer rating. He's very comfortable running the Shanahan offense, particularly with the two tight end set. Look for more stellar numbers, and increased confidence, next week as when the Skins host the Colts.

Pick up: Cadillac Williams, St. Louis, RB

If you need a running back, Williams is your guy. He already proved a capable substitute for the injured Steven Jackson (quad) with 91 yards on 19 carries. With Jackson reportedly out in Week 2 plus Sam Bradford nursing a bruised index finger, look for Williams to carry a significant load.

Pick up: Ed Dickson, Baltimore, TE

Joe Flacco looked Dickson's way early and often, as the tight end wound up with five catches for 59 yards and a touchdown. Dickson should see plenty more passes in upcoming games against the Titans and Rams and be considered a solid No. 1 TE option until he proves otherwise.

Pick up: Aaron Hernandez, New England, TE

With 103 yards and a touchdown, Hernandez had a phenomenal opening game. Don't be scared of the multiple-tight end sets the Patriots run. Hernandez is the real deal, a monster athlete who is a hybrid tight end/wide receiver and will be a major part of the Patriots' potent offense.

Pick up: Josh Scobee, Jacksonville, K

With Nate Kaeding out for the year with a torn ACL, many fantasy owners will need to pick up a new kicker. Look no further than Scobee, who was solid kicking three field goals for the Jags on Sunday. Bonus: Two of his three kicks were longer than 40 yards.

Don't pick up: Randall Cobb, Green Bay, WR

Cobb stole the show Thursday night, but that doesn't mean he should land on your roster. The rookie wide receiver scored a 32-yard touchdown and had a 108-yard kickoff return. He may seem an attractive option, but the Packers have the most weapons in the NFL. Greg Jennings always will get the first look, and there's little chance Cobb will get many scoring opportunities on a week-to-week basis.

Drop: Austin Collie and Pierre Garcon, Indianapolis, WRs

Collectively, the No. 2 and No. 3 receivers on the Colts had three caches for 39 yards Sunday (all by Garcon). And that was with a pass-first attack. Simply put, this is going to be a long year for the Colts, and unless Manning makes a miraculous recovery, Collie and Garcon will remain in receiver cement.

Drop: Michael Crabtree, San Francisco, WR

Crabtree was a nonfactor for San Francisco on Sunday, getting just two looks, and it will be more of the same in the future. He's coming off foot surgery, and Alex Smith seems more comfortable throwing to Braylon Edwards. For as much talk as there has been about Jim Harbaugh's bringing the West Coast offense back to San Francisco, his Week 1 playbook was awfully conservative.

Drop: Chad Ochocinco, New England, WR

We learned a lot about Chad Ochocinco's role with the Pats on Monday night: He doesn't start. He doesn't understand the playbook. The Patriots have zero need for him. All of the above should have you saying "No mas Ochocinco" before the Patriots do.

I'll be back Friday at 3 p.m. to chat with some start-and-sit advice. Hope you'll join me then. In the meantime, if you have any waiver questions not covered here, please ask away.

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