Shawn Johnson's best advice for Hope Solo

Shawn Johnson's gymnastics resume includes Olympic and world gold ... and the "Dancing with the Stars" trophy. Soccer star Hope Solo surely shares the same medal goals, and probably wouldn't mind a DWTS victory either. As Solo starts the show Monday night, we got Johnson to tell us the 10 things most important to success on DWTS:

No. 1: Practice walking down the stairs (without looking down) before you go on.

No. 2: Make friends with wardrobe! They need to become your best friends.

No. 3: Trust your partner. Remember, they're the pros in this game.

No. 4: Schedule weekly foot massages ... dancing in heels all day for weeks at a time HURTS!

No. 5: Oh! Never forget ... yes, you can be too tan!

No. 6: Just like elite athletics, set goals and work hard. Practice makes perfect.

No. 7: The fans are the most important. They can make you or break you ... just be yourself!

No. 8: You might have heard Maks (Maksim Chmerkovskiy) is the tough guy of the bunch. Don't buy it. He's a big teddy bear. You'll love him!

No. 9: Be prepared to leave DWTS with a whole new family.

No. 10: Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Put soccer aside for now and live it up! It's the best experience.

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