What I love about Sochi ...

SOCHI, Russia -- On this Valentines Day about 7,000 miles away from home, I'm searching for love (not the Tinder app kinda love, just signs of love). So, here are five things I love most about these Winter Games so far:

1. Hello, Norway!

Although Johnny Weir's outfits are fabulously anti-Russian on so many levels, they are not nearly as cool as Norway curling team's "uniforms":

Clive Mason/Getty Images

But wait, it gets even better -- flat caps, knickerbockers and, yes, soccer socks (makes perfect sense). And it's not just all show and no sizzle, these guys are legit contenders. The Norwegians were silver medalists in Vancouver and are favored to medal here.

Quinn Rooney/Getty Images

2. 'So, I walked into a Russian karaoke wine bar last night ...'

How often do you get to start off a story with that?

Yes, in perhaps the greatest cultural kumbaya to happen in Sochi, our small contingent of U.S. journalists (The Washington Post, ESPN and Yahoo! Sports -- yep, all getting along) walked into this largely Russian- and Ukrainian-filled wine bar and, in one song, uncorked the secret to world peace. Well, Dave Sheinin of the Post did. A must-watch video:

3. Dutch-itis

If there is such a thing, I'd like to catch it. From their Holland House hysteria, to orange spandex onesies, to complete dominance in speedskating at Adler Arena (they have won 12 of 18 speedskating medals here so far). Apparently, if you are lucky enough to catch Dutch-it is, you look like this:

Getty Images

4. Communication skills

My Russian is most definitely improving.

5. The Babushkas

They hug you, they smile, they dance with you ... they dissolve any preconceived notion of a Cold War. Simply, I love them.

Courtesy of Julie Foudy

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