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Sarah Spain (follow her on Twitter @SarahSpain) is the co-host of Spain & Fitz on ESPN Radio, host of the That's What She Said podcast, a SportsCenter reporter and an espnW columnist since 2010. She was a heptathlete at Cornell and is a lifelong Chicago sports fan.
  • ESPN Radio

    Best Of- Stugotz and Sarah Spain are in today. Do you believe Peyton Manning? We have Stu's Weekend Observations and we talk NBA with ESPN's Amin Elhassan.

  • ESPN Radio

    Stugotz and Sarah Spain react to the report linking Peyton Manning and HGH, the Redskins' NFC East title and more.

  • ESPN Radio

    Stugotz and Sarah Spain cover Miko Grimes' criticism of Ryan Tannehill on Twitter, speak with ESPN CFB analyst Robert Smith about "Concussion" and more.

  • ESPN Radio

    Stugotz and Sarah Spain discuss the "Concussion" film, converse with ESPN NBA Insider Amin Elhassan about the state of the Bulls and more.

  • ESPN Radio

    Local Hour- Stugotz and Sarah Spain are in today. They react to the NFL weekend.

  • Athlete's Life

    Spain: The Night Before Christmas 2015

    Sarah Spain looks back at the sports moments that defined 2015.

    Dec 21 2:05 PM ET | By Sarah Spain

  • ESPN Radio

    Sarah Spain, Jane McManus and Kate Fagan take a look back at the special year in sports for women.

  • His & Hers TV: Kobe, Festivus

    Michael Smith, Sarah Spain, Michael Holley and Reece Waters discuss Kobe Bryant looking like his younger self. Plus, they celebrate a Festivus for the rest of us.

  • Athlete's Life

    Spain: The airing of sports grievances

    As her Festivus preparations commence, Sarah Spain airs her 2015 sports grievances.

    Dec 18 3:34 PM ET | By Sarah Spain

  • ESPN Radio

    Michael Smith welcomes Reese Waters and Sarah Spain to discuss how they found their unique lanes at ESPN, their aspirations and how they've been true to themselves.

  • His & Hers TV: Warriors, Porzingis, Rose

    Michael Smith is joined by Sarah Spain, Cassidy Hubbard and Michael Holley as they discuss the Warriors' rivalry with the Bucks, the Kristaps Porzingis block party and Derrick Rose.

  • His & Hers TV: Cam Newton, LeBron James

    Michael Smith, Sarah Spain and Reese Waters discuss Cam Newton giving back to the community with his friends Kevin Hart and Ice Cube and LeBron James not playing defense.

  • Le Batard thinks Greg Cote should be allowed to use flavored mayo

    Dan Le Batard rants about Grid of Death commissioner Sarah Spain's ruling that Greg Cote cannot use flavored mayonnaise for his punishment.

    Dec 15 11:03 AM ET

  • Le Batard not happy with Spain's Grid of Death ruling

    ESPN's Dan Le Batard expresses his displeasure with Grid of Death commissioner Sarah Spain because of the punishment she forced on him without conducting an investigation beforehand.

    Dec 15 1:18 AM ET

  • ESPN Radio

    Sarah Spain, Jane McManus & Kate Fagan debut their new show. Among the topics: Victoria's Secret models as athletes, Manziel starting again, plus a chat with Julie Foudy.

  • Ron Howard won't say anything bad about Tom Hanks

    Sarah Spain and Dan Le Batard give a valiant effort, but don't succeed in getting Ron Howard to say anything negative about Tom Hanks.

    Dec 11 12:25 PM ET

  • Sarah Spain shows off her rap game

    Sarah Spain raps on the Dan Le Batard Show about a variety of topics including her role as the commissioner of the Grid of Death.

    Dec 11 11:38 AM ET

  • Peterson runs the Vikings

    Dan Le Batard, Stugotz and Sarah Spain are amazed how much authority Adrian Peterson still has with the Vikings when you consider his checkered past.

    Dec 11 11:09 AM ET

  • ESPN Radio

    Local Hour- Sarah Spain in all show today. Are you fine with Nick Saban showing up to a high school football game in a helicopter? Also, Stu says his wife has ruined Hanukkah.

  • ESPN Radio

    Best of- Sarah Spain in all show today. She pays off the Grid of Death by singing a rap song she wrote. It's so good and it's reason enough to listen to this entire podcast.

  • Le Batard HR 2: Howard, Spain rap, Curry tweet

    Dan Le Batard and Stugotz welcome director Ron Howard. Plus, the much anticipated rap from Sarah Spain and the fallout of Ayesha Curry's tweet.

  • The Sedano Show

    Sedano Show featuring Sarah Spain: Is Cam Newton the MVP?, Are Patriots vulnerable?, + Brad Edwards & Louis Riddick

  • Athlete's Life

    The Scrivens family: A professional goalie pair

    Ben and Jenny Scrivens met as freshman hockey players at Cornell, and have been a couple ever since. Despite their posts across the country, the pair of pro goalies treasures their time together.

    Nov 20 12:32 PM ET | By Sarah Spain