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Sarah Spain (follow her on Twitter @SarahSpain) is the co-host of espnW Presents: The Trifecta on ESPN Radio, host of the That's What She Said podcast, a SportsCenter reporter and an espnW columnist since 2010. She was a heptathlete at Cornell and is a lifelong Chicago sports fan.
  • Boys of summer get the spotlight

    With just one NHL game and the NBA taking a timeout, tonight is the night to get a good look at the boys of summer. The weather in some cities hasn't quite turned yet, but a day at the ballpark can make it feel like summer is right around the corner.

    May 5 3:24 PM ET | By Sarah Spain

  • Tennis greats bringing back glory days?

    This fall, seven former tennis champions will visit 12 U.S. cities for a reformatted Champions Series. For fans who grew up watching these great players, the tour will bring back memories of a day when American tennis was tops in the world.

    May 4 5:01 PM ET | By Sarah Spain

  • Capitals punishment

    The Tampa Bay Lightning can send the top-seeded Washington Capitals packing and punch their ticket to the Eastern Conference finals. Two NBA tilts are on the schedule tonight with three NHL contests. Here are the Games We're Watching.

    May 4 1:48 PM ET | By Sarah Spain

  • Ryan Dempster uses laughs to help others

    Chicago Cubs pitcher Ryan Dempster is usually the one making people laugh, thanks to his wild sense of humor. But an unexpected family event in 2009 tested his humor and his heart -- and changed the course of his life.

    May 2 | By Sarah Spain

  • Five things to watch in NHL semifinals

    Stellar goaltending, riveting rivalries, and some interesting playoff facial hair will be on display when the semifinals heat up.

    Apr 28 4:07 PM ET | By Sarah Spain

  • Livin' on a prayer

    The Hornets, Magic and Trail Blazers are all one bad game away from summer vacation. Will we see three more teams advance or get a few more Game 7s? With hoops, hockey, baseball and a big day for NFL hopefuls, here are the Games We're Watching.

    Apr 28 1:56 PM ET | By Sarah Spain

  • A process of elimination

    Half of the 10 teams competing in tonight's NBA and NHL playoff games may see their seasons end prematurely. Five games with elimination blows on the line? Gimme the remote and let's get after it. Here are the Games We're Watching.

    Apr 27 2:09 PM ET | By Sarah Spain

  • D.J. Williams looking forward to life in NFL

    The Arkansas star tight end has been through some tough times with his family but has relied on faith and hope to reach for a brighter future.

    Apr 27 | By Sarah Spain

  • Through to Round Two-sday

    The place to be is Chicago, where the Bulls and the Blackhawks fight to advance to Round 2 of the playoffs. If you're not down with the Windy City, there's more on the docket. Here are the Games We're Watching today.

    Apr 26 12:59 PM ET | By Sarah Spain

  • Schools fib facts for Title IX

    Colleges and universities are using falsified numbers to comply with Title IX, according to The New York Times, and Sarah Spain says that's breaking the spirit -- and letter -- of the law.

    Apr 26 | By Sarah Spain

  • Athlete's Life

    Sally Edwards finishes every race last -- on purpose

    Triathlon Hall of Famer Sally Edwards has completed more than 130 triathlons and done many of them with an odd goal in mind: to finish last.

    Apr 25 | By Sarah Spain

  • NHL needs to better protect players

    Blows and checks to the head mar the sport of hockey, says espnW's Sarah Spain, and the sport can no longer pretend serious danger of concussions or even death doesn't exist.

    Apr 21 11:47 AM ET | By Sarah Spain

  • Top-seed turvy?

    The playoffs continue on the ice and the hardwood, with two top-seeded NBA teams hoping to avoid falling into a 2-0 hole and one NHL team playing to keep its season alive. Here are the Games We're Watching tonight.

    Apr 20 2:17 PM ET | By Sarah Spain

  • Athlete's Life

    Remembering marathon legend Grete Waitz

    She passed away today, at age 57, leaving a legacy of world records and New York City Marathon triumphs that won't soon be forgotten.

    Apr 19 | By Sarah Spain

  • Tee times for the defending champs?

    For two straight years, the Canucks were sent golfing a month or so early after being eliminated by the Blackhawks. Vancouver can give the defending Stanley Cup champions a taste of their own medicine with a sweep tonight.

    Apr 20 12:04 PM ET | By Sarah Spain

  • No one and everyone to blame in ND death

    Today the University of Notre Dame released an internal investigation into the October death of student Declan Sullivan, who was killed when the lift he was on tumbled in the wind.

    Apr 18 6:00 PM ET | By Sarah Spain

  • Just another manic Monday

    Upsets, blowouts, big blocks and buzzer-beaters -- it would be tough to top this weekend's slate of playoff games, but tonight's lineup looks pretty promising.

    Apr 20 12:06 PM ET | By Sarah Spain

  • A weekend of hoops and hockey heaven

    Stock up on snacks and fill your fridge with beer, 'cause this weekend's lineup of playoff games will have you glued to your TV for hours. The NHL playoffs continue, and the NBA playoffs tip off Saturday.

    Apr 15 1:38 PM ET | By Sarah Spain

  • Can I get (another) witness?

    Sources say that MLB will expand the use of replay for the 2012 season and espnW's Sarah Spain is all for it. Here's why even baseball purists and clock-watchers should be, too.

    Apr 15 | By Sarah Spain

  • espnW's Pro Questionnaire: Derrick Rose

    Apr 14 | By Sarah Spain

  • Here we (maybe) go again...

    A report that the NBA has canceled its Las Vegas summer league and scrapped its annual internship program (the league has denied the claims) has Sarah Spain wondering what else might be canceled.

    Apr 13 5:16 PM ET | By Sarah Spain

  • The quest for Stanley starts tonight

    Puckheads, rejoice! The REAL hockey season starts tonight, when the quest for Lord Stanley begins. While hockey teams begin postseason play, basketball squads will battle for one last win.

    Apr 13 1:03 PM ET | By Sarah Spain

  • What to watch for in the NHL playoffs

    Wednesday night marks the start of the 2011 Stanley Cup playoffs, and there are all kinds of matchups, from rowdy rivalries to riveting rematches, to keep an eye on.

    Apr 12 | By Sarah Spain